Buying a Lace Wig with Caring Guide Complete

Wearing a wig is a good way to bring back the hair you lost – perhaps as a result of chemotherapy – experiment with the shape, texture and color of your hair without committing to a new look, or even ignite the spark in your hair. It is also possible that it is a resource to elevate your costume at a party or an important element in the expression of your gender identity. We know how much it is important for you. Here are few extraordinary tips and tricks  to make your frontal lace wig look natural.

  1. Customize your cut

The thought of bringing scissors to your wig to trim your hair can make you feel uncomfortable, but in the same way that you wouldn’t cut your hair unless you’re confident in your styling ability, you wouldn’t cut your wig unless you felt comfortable with scissors. If you want to add bangs, have them shaped or emptied to remove excess volume, or simply detangle it, then take your wig to the hairdresser for a cut so that your wig is more suited to your style. A cut to size can make a difference.

  1. Reduce the shine of your synthetic wig

Make synthetic wigs not too shiny. Synthetic wigs with too much shine look fake and unnatural. To minimize shine, sprinkle some hair powder over the wig and then brush it to make it look more natural. A nice cut that makes you feel comfortable and easy to style would be ideal. Ask for professional advice is also a great idea.

  1. Customize your look

There is no better wig advice than making sure you have your wig; Customizing your wig with various hair accessories and scarves can add that personal touch. We also recommend trying something new, such as hair accessories, ornaments.

  1. Integrate the wig

Brush powder and concealer along the hairline and part with your existing powder and concealer. Then, using a hairbrush or your fingers, softly blot or dab the filler into the lace to get a more organic hairline. This will mix the lace with the color of your skin, giving it a more natural appearance and hiding any sharp edges.

  1. Make use of real human hair

The simplest approach to make a wig appear natural is, to begin with, a wig made completely of human hair. A human hair wig is cared for in the same way as your hair is. Regularly washing and combing your wig helps keep it looking natural and clean.

  1. Use hair colors

Don’t be afraid of the color! If you’ve found a wig that you like and don’t want to change your style, try a new color to refresh your look. Most people can wear up to three shades darker or lighter than their natural color.

If your wig is excessively shiny, since it is made of synthetic hair, apply a small amount of talcum powder to it with a brush or applicator, and then shake it off. The resulting shine is much more natural this way. Wear a stocking or hat to cover your hair when you put on the wig. This keeps your hair in place, so it doesn’t come off and destroy the illusion of the wig. It evenly distributes the hair so that no strange lumps are created under the mesh. Hold the wig firmly. The type of fastening depends on the type of wig you have purchased. If for example, it is a custom prosthesis, you will not have to use more than a few drops of special glue or adhesive tape, since it will fit perfectly to the head.

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