6 tips for using Dog clippers while grooming your furry friend

Grooming is known as the most important routine for your dog. If your dog has thick and long hair then you would need professional dog clippers which would help to cut the hair. You might hesitate if it is your first time and you do not know how to use it properly. Many of you may consider taking your dog to professional groomers who can help you to get your dog’s hair trimmed. But it can take a lot of your time and you would find it expensive as well. Hence it is always advisable to get detailed knowledge about dog clippers. Here is the detailed guide which would help you to use professional hair clippers at home effectively.

Get the right clippers

Getting the right hair clippers is an important step as it will make your job a lot easier. There are many brands you will find in the market that offer clippers for the dog. But how to choose the right one? Here you would need to check a few factors while making the purchase of clippers for your dog. Make sure to check the speed settings, cord sets, weight, size, quietness, upkeeping and the blades. You can check these brands online on the website PETstock. Do not use human hair or beard clippers that can stress out your dog’s hair and can even burn the skin.

Start with Blank

The first step to start with a hair clipping session is to get him to bathe and dry your dog completely. Attempting to clip the dry and dirty hair could pull out the hair from the root itself. This can hurt your dog which can spoil the overall grooming session. Make sure your dog does not get into anxiety mode during the overall grooming session. You can use the professional dog dryer to dry the fur completely. If you can not afford the one then you can visit the grooming centre and get the hair dried in an hour or two depending upon the type of hair. Make sure you do not use human dry hair which can cause burn or damage to their skin.

Take a visit to the grooming clinic

If you do not know how to clip the hair properly then you can take a visit to the grooming clinic and observe the professionals how they do. You can do your research. You can even chat with the current groomer about the usage of hair clippers. You can even get more tips from him regarding the clipping activity. Apart from that, you can take help from youtube where you can check the tutorials. You can even look for breed-specific tutorials which would help you to get the detailed tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Ask for help

There are times when you could not take on the hair clipping job on your own. In this case, you can take help from your friend if your dog is big and you could not manage to do it alone. You can take help from your friend to comfort your dog or hold him still. If your friend has a dog then you can even ask him to get it along for a buddy up program. If you have got a puppy then it might take some time for you to get your dog to get used to the clipper noise and vibrations. Hence it is important to keep patience. You can even make someone sit next to him to feed him to divert his attention.

Use the sharp clippers

Use the sharp blades while using the hair clippers. Keeping the blades sharp helps to avoid pulling of hair and also help clippers live for a longer period. You would need to clean the blades first with the help of oil to remove the dust and sharpen it. Post this you can run the blades on the sharpening object or a stone. Make sure to sharpen the knife till the time it looks shiny.

Use it in the right direction

It is advised to use a clipper in the direction of hair growth. If you attempt to clip the hair in the opposite direction then it can hurt your dog’s skin and can cause damage to it. You can start with the larger areas and then work towards the smaller ones. For the face, you can get a pair of thinning shears and grooming scissors if you feel uncomfortable clipping the hair on the dog’s face.

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