6 Tips on How to Feel and Look Confident

Have you ever felt like everyone around you feels more confident than you? As soon as we notice this, we begin to feel even worse. Don’t worry. Everyone has bad days or moments. All people sometimes have doubts about themselves just like you. Confidence is not something you have. It’s something you create. While it means different things to different people, self-confidence is usually considered one of the most attractive qualities anyone can have. In this article, I am going to share my best tips on how to boost your confidence and feel great about yourself.

My best suggestions

Avoid negative self-talk

We are our own worst critics. Everyone has that inner voice that can usually be very helpful. However, this voice can be harmful and bring us down. Basically, negative self-talk is limiting your ability to believe in yourself.   It comes in many forms and everyone experiences it from time to time. It has a huge power over you. Also, the ones around you, if you are not careful. Usually these thoughts become most active when it gets into the realm of excessive negativity.

Learn to notice when you feel those thoughts coming up, so you can begin to stop them. Try to push them away before they damage you. Also, you can try to give a funny nickname to your inner critic. It will help you see how crazy some of your negative thoughts really are. Try to think of something good about yourself and counteract it.

Wear something beautiful

In today’s world there are many fashion brands trying to offer you their goods. It is very easy to get lost out there. Remember, there is only one rule you should follow – wear what makes you happy. Wearing the right clothes can make you feel more confident, comfortable and happier in general. What you wear makes a huge difference on

how you are perceived by others. Moreover, on how you feel about yourself. Not only the right clothes but also jewellery helps.

Accessories can be used as a tool to increase your confidence and sense of well-being. Certain pieces fit certain moods. The right piece of jewellery may help you feel more powerful and significantly boost your confidence as soon as you put it on. However, it is very important to select something that you would be comfortable wearing. If you are interested in affordable unique pieces, you can go and check the Olivia Brown brand. They are based in the UK and sell fantastic semi-fine everyday jewellery. I have the Gold Emerald Green Hoop Earrings from Olivia Brown that I wear almost every day. I love these earrings. Green is my favourite colour and the design is just beautiful. They always brighten my mood once I put them on.


Smiling tricks your brain. It creates a powerful chemical reaction in your body that can make you feel happier. Also, studies show that smiling may lengthen your overall lifespan. Besides, it relieves stress and Boosts the Immune System. The good feeling smile provides can take your negative self-talk away. Moreover, help you feel more confident in intimidating situations. Why would you say NO to all the benefits a smile gives? So fake it ‘til you make it!

Have a daily Ritual

Did you know that rituals can change your life into a better one? Studies found that rituals have the power to make you more confident. Rituals are repetitive activities that can be something short and simple. By doing that you bring a higher meaning into your experience. It can be something simple like a 10 minute walk every morning. Or drinking a cup of coffee while writing down your dreams. Make your own and follow it.

Face your fears

Everyone experiences fears. It is our own responsibility to deal with them. Often people choose to keep living with them and pretend they don’t exist. All successful people had to face their fears. It is clever to clearly realise them and do something about it. Dig deeper. You will notice that most of them are random and even irrational. Fear is just an illusion! Sadly, but because of them, we often don’t let our dreams and ideas become true. That is the worst thing that can happen. Don’t be the one in the list of those who dared to achieve their goals but didn’t because of illusions.

Love yourself

Loving yourself means accepting yourself. Give up the idea that other people are better than you. You are unique! That’s the most important part. You must embrace your uniqueness. No one else in the world is like you. Remember, we are humans and it is normal to have imperfections. Don’t hate that part about yourself. Instead, accept it. That is also a part of you. Love the whole you and the magic will happen.

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