6 Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Paws after A Walk

Your furry buddy indeed loves to run around and splash in the muddy fields. While the scene of your pet dog muddling in dirt seems adorable, the aftermath might not be so. The long walks gather debris of the rain smudged or snow-laden or twigs stacked path on the paws of your dog.

Regularly washing your dog and its paws diligently shall help to avoid the consequences of an unhygienic routine like infections, irritation, and exposure to toxic pollutants. And, of course, it also saves you the hassle of cleaning the house if your dog strolls inside with dirty paws.

Therefore, to maintain a clean pet animal, here is a list of hacks about how to clean the paws of your dog after a walk:-

Baby Wipes

A lot has been debated over whether baby wipes are safe to use or not because the skin of a dog and the nurturing it requires are different.

However, baby wipes are mild cleansers. It means that they are safe to use for dog paws. Before initiating any cleansing, use baby wipes to clean the visible dirt on the paws at least.

Rinse With Water

Give a nice bath to your dog after the walk. The paw will indeed have dirt, but the dog fur might also be dirty from going out and carry bacteria.

Always use lukewarm water as it helps in easy cleaning off the dirt particles rather than cold water.

You can opt to use the Daily Dog Sensitive Soap and the Aloveen Shampoos that shall adequately clean the skin and coat of your dog.

To avoid a frizzy dog coat, the Puppy Paw Conditioning Spray acts as a moisturizer of the hair that smoothens the dog’s coat.

Tidy the Dog

After rinsing and cleaning your dog, it is time to smarten it up. Dry your dog with a towel and begin to brush its coat. The Grip Soft Pin Brush will be comforting for daily usage for various breeds of dogs.

Trim its nails with Shear Magic Nail Clipper Guillotine and bring out the royal side of your dog.

You may also trim and shave the dog hair, but it is recommended not to do so in the paw area because naked paws will be exposed entirely, making their soft skin even more vulnerable.

Check for Wounds

After washing, the paws will be clean and clear to be seen. Check for hurt or possible wounds on the paws. Even if the cuts are minor, do not leave them uncared as they may manifest into an infection later on.

If you find any, clean the wound first with an antiseptic and then apply ointments or an antiseptic lotion for minor cuts. However, if the injury appears to be severe, immediately contact your vet.

Dog Shoes or Boots

Whenever possible, try to utilize dog shoes or dog boots while taking your dog for a walk, especially in snowy areas and rocky terrains. These zones are risky, and the bare paws of the dogs are vulnerable to skidding down and susceptible to wounds.

Plus, it will save you the hefty hassle of the lengthy procedure of cleaning the dirt-laden paws again.

Paw Disinfectors

Paw disinfectant can be helpful in the eradication of any minute dirt particles that are unseen by the naked eye.

Disinfectants will also help to stop any bacterial activity, skin irritation, and allergies.

Most infections in dogs are dental and ear infections, urinary tract disorders, and skin infections. According to studies conducted in UK and US, besides cancer, senile decay, and heart failure, the other most common cause that constitutes fatalities of dogs are skin diseases. This, therefore, makes hygiene even more imperative.

Cleaning of paws is also crucial because the mute animals might not convey if they are hurt. While cleaning, check for wounds or cracks. Also, you can focus on daily tabbing of hygiene to avoid your dog being the carrier of fleas and ticks. The dog products for healthcare in our Pet Market like Moxiclear, Heart Gard, Simparica Trio, and Aristopet shall help ward off fleas, ticks, and worms.

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