6 Ways to Deliver a Great Shopping experience with E-commerce mobile app

When it comes to online mobile shopping experiences, sky’s the limit.

People around the world are massively using mobile apps to shop their favorite products. Gone are the days when people preferred visiting an online website or going to a traditional brick & mortar store to purchase a particular product. With mobile apps, they have the extreme liberty of downloading an app for a specific store and checkout bundle deal offers and shop online.

The power of the Internet and smartphone technology has instantly changed the way things work.

The cat’s out of the bag, and it’s no secret that more than 95% of the United States population interacts with the Internet using their smartphones. More than 81% of the population around the world owns a smartphone. The rest, 19%, is just downright poor not to be able to effort the technology.

Today, marketers have deduced that your eCommerce store might not reach its maximum potential unless it doesn’t leverage other devices to sell their products. As the data-driven market indicates how effectively the mobile app development company & market is growing, it gives a head-start to businesses so they can consider investing budgets in creating mobile app solutions.

Introducing eCommerce mobile app solutions for faster, more effective business…

What makes eCommerce mobile apps the best option for brands and websites in the online market? Here are 6 reasons why I believe retail brands should opt-in for an eCommerce mobile app solution.

1) Mobile Commerce is Trending the Charts

Do you know that mobile apps will control 73% of all eCommerce sales in the next couple of years?

Having a mobile app moves you out of the hassles of searching up a laptop or a desktop to purchase a particular product/service. Today consumers are buying from everywhere. Whether they are commuting or sitting at the office, or taking a stroll in the park, with a app solution, they can easily log into their particular online store and choose a product which they are searching for online.

Today shopping online is growing at a 54% year-over-year, one of the highest rising rates than any other industry succeeding in the online world. While other experiences account for 6%, there’s no denying that retail shopping alone is 48% higher than the normal market average.

So it indicates that mobile commerce is topping up the charts and becoming quite the trend.

2) Apps Can Offer What Websites Are Unable to Offer

If you want to address the fastest, most reliable experience for shopping, then nothing serves the purpose more accurately than a mobile app solution. Compared to other online experiences, mobile apps provide high-end convenience and a personalized shopping experience to customers. It experiences relatively less downtime or connectivity issues compared to a website. If a server overloads, the website becomes sluggish, whereas the case is not the same with a mobile app.

An app, on the other hand, allows you to send push notifications. It sends you in-app messages.

Mobile apps are equipped with location-based technology, which further allows real-time location-based marketing. Relatively a mobile app increases your customers’ reach and increases opportunities to enhance the customer’s journey expansively. With a robust mobile app, you can reach more customers quickly and efficiently. Besides, the response rate of customers is also better.

3) Speaking of Consumers… Mobile Apps Can Meet Consumer Demands

Do you know that 125 of the top retailers operating in the Internet market operate using a mobile app? It’s all because consumers prefer engaging themselves with retail giants using a mobile app. The mobile app market is where the customers are, and the mobile app experience is what they demand.

Today, most customers prefer to interact with big brands using a mobile app rather than visiting franchises or visiting their eCommerce websites. People have now become more accustomed to mobile app screens than watching stuff on the big screen of a television, a laptop, or a desktop.

With so much growing influx, no doubt, mobile apps are the newest growing trends among customers.

4) It Enhances Customer Loyalty

When retail markets operate using a mobile app, it works as a remarkable loyalty tool giving customers more opportunities to interact with the online store. As a result, customers often sign up for new deals and send out exciting push messages giving retailers the absolute power to connect with customers on a more personal level. A survey performed by the Responsys indicated that push notifications have the lion’s share regarding the open rate of promotional emails. Unlike other emails, push messages to appear on a smartphone’s lock screen, and the recipient has a far greater chance to go through it every time he or she opens up their respective mobile app screen.

By utilizing different engagement features such as product listings, how-to videos, and exclusive offers, brands can get more well equipped to bring increased customers over and over again.

5) Simplified Payment Methods for Customers in the Online Sphere

One other great benefit of using a mobile app is that it simplifies the online shopping experience. With apps, people can easily make payments using the built-in payment gateways.

With Google Pay, people can easily do a 1-tap transaction. If they are using a specific bank MasterCard or Visa Card, the retail app provides multiple options to make quick payments without hassle.

6) Mobile App Allows you to Learn About your Customers Better

Speaking of mobile apps, it doesn’t only allow you to reach out to more customers, but at the same time, it will enable you to track their behavior and understand their requirements in a much better way.

Marketing departments at brand stores can use mobile analytics to understand what kind of people are taking an interest, which demographics they belong to, which product is the most selling, etc.

As a result, retailers find themselves equipped with the ability to make more informed decisions.


Nowadays, shoppers are moving faster than before. To give you a brief overview of why mobile apps are one of the best options for your retail business, here are some of the most critical KPIs to address.

You get increased conversions, reduced abandonment rates, higher average order value, and reasonable retention rates. Are you in the retail business? Have you considered a mobile app for business? The above discussed are a few reasons why I believe opting for a mobile app is the best option for you.

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