Whether it’s lack of time or lack of interest, we can all agree to the fact that keeping things all clean and tidy isn’t an easy job at all. No matter how much you plan your cleaning routine, it’ll still seem like a hassle at the end of the day. That’s precisely where my seven brilliant cleaning hacks can come in handy for you. Implementing them in your routine can be a great help to keep things clean and healthy at home.

Use home ingredients

Most of us can barely manage time to keep things clean at home. In that time, lack of cleaning materials can pose a hindrance. But who said you only have to use cleaning materials from a store? Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice can be a great alternative, and learning their application can be a big help. You can also get cleaning services from madison Wisconsin cleaning services for your home.

Make a thorough plan

Though this is not exactly a hack, it’s the most critical step towards a proper cleaning routine. Keeping your entire household clean isn’t easy. For that, you have to make a plan according to your daily routine and the volume of cleaning required. Following that routine will get you closer to your goal of a cleaner household.

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Refresh your garbage disposal

Refreshing disposal isn’t an easy job if your cleaning technique involves taking it apart and cleaning thoroughly. But instead, you can freshen things up inside with some lemon or orange peels. All you have to do is grind some salt and ice together and run it through the disposal with cold water. It’ll loosen any blockage inside. Then finish by running some ground lemon and orange peels to eliminate the remaining odor.

Clean your dishwasher with home ingredients

As mentioned above, home ingredients like vinegar can come in super handy in different cleaning applications. One great example of that is using vinegar to clean your dishwasher. Just pour a bowl of white vinegar, place it on the lowest shelf and run the dishwasher on a hot cycle. It’ll remove food residue, grease, or soap scum within minutes.

Clean your fridge in the bath

Fridge cleaning means mess all-around when you take the shelves and drawers off. All the ice melting slowly can flood your kitchen floor within a few minutes. One thing I found particularly handy in this situation is taking the shelves and drawers to the bathroom. This way, you’ll have more room to clean them without spilling water everywhere.

Make your appliances shine

During daily cleaning or annual, people often forget to pay attention to the shine on their everyday appliances. These appliances in our kitchen have grease or fingerprint on them, losing their luster. All you have to do is wipe it off with rubbing alcohol to retain the shine.

Use a vacuum cleaner as an air freshener

You can kill two birds with one stone through this technique. We all use a vacuum cleaner at home, but what about you use it as an air freshener too? Just soak a cotton ball in your desired scent and put it inside the vacuum bag. This way, you can clean and freshen your household simultaneously.

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