7 Classic Techniques to Help With Physical Pain

Have you ever faced a situation when your ankle got twisted or got a sprain? You might have experienced the pain for few hours or few days but in some cases, the pain lasts longer. Most of the time we tend to pop in pain killers to subsidize the pain but it occurs again as soon as you stop the medications. Hence in such cases, we take the help of non-medical or non-invasive techniques to get relief from the pain. Here are few ways that would help you to get relief from chronic physical pain.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage therapy does not only soothes your muscles but also helps to relieve pain. Here the pressure tension is given on the specific parts of the body where one is experiencing the pain. According to the experts, it is a great method to distract you from the pain and give you relief from anxiety, joints pain, and stress. You can visit any of the reputed therapeutic massage centers to get yourself a soothing massage. You can also try massaging with CBD oil for pain.

Physical Therapy

A Brisbane Physio says your first option to consider to reduce chronic physical pain is to get the help of physical therapy. Here Physiotherapists would help you to get certain exercises done to improve your strength. You can also take the consultation from an Occupational therapist to perform a certain set of activities on daily basis. You can either choose one of them or a combination of two. Make sure to consult with the specialist properly regarding your pain to get the best solution.

Cold and Heat Compression

Heat and Cold Compression are known to be the popular methods to get relief from physical pain. You can either use a homemade ice pack or a heating bag for the same. This helps relieve even chronic pain.


Biofeedback is known as a technique that involves breathing exercises and relaxation methods with the help of a biofeedback machine. This machine shows the physiological function data such as blood pressure and heart rate in the form of a graph in few seconds. Here you will be connected to electrical sensors that help to receive the information related to your body. Here the therapist will use various types of methods such as breathing, brain waves, muscle contraction, heart rate, temperature, and sweat gland activity. There are two types of devices used in this method such as wearable and interactive computer programs.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet also plays an important in reducing chronic pain. A well-balanced diet helps to aid the digestive process, keep your weight under control, reduce heart disease risk and improve the blood sugar level. Here you can choose to eat low-fat, fresh, and low sodium food including fruits and vegetables. You can also add peas, whole grain bread, yogurt, cereals, lean meats, etc.

Identify the anxiety issues

Addressing your anxiety issues can help you to manage the physical pain as well. If you are suffering from depression or any anxiety issues then the chances of experiencing the physical pain will be higher. Hence it is important to treat the anxiety issues first to get relief from the physical pain. You can talk to your mental health expert regarding this issue to get it resolved.


We understand that you are experiencing pain but your body still needs some movement to function properly. You can choose any form of exercise including yoga which would be suitable for your body condition. Yoga has been known as the easiest form of exercise to start with. You can watch several videos for guidance if you are getting started with it. Apart from this, you can also engage in various breathing exercises as well as meditation. These forms of exercises help your body to get relax and ease the pain. You can simply find a quiet location and close your eyes to start deep breathing. Here the purpose is to calm your senses.

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