Best Running Shoes For Bunions

Planning on buying shoes soon? Is it time to replace your old pair, or do you need a new one for an upcoming event?

Don’t buy the first pair of shoes you find! It might not fit, or it could become uncomfortable over time.

Fortunately, we’ve got a list to guarantee you get the right shoes. Stop wasting time and money by avoiding these mistakes with buying shoes:

  1. Focusing Too Much On Looks

Of course, you need shoes you like. Looks do matter, and you shouldn’t ignore the aesthetics of the pair you spend on. However, keep in mind that looks aren’t the only factor at play.

If you focus entirely on how your shoes look, you’ll ignore everything else. This can lead to an uncomfortable fit that will feel awkward or even painful as time goes by.

Consider how the shoe fits, how comfortable your feet are inside, and whether or not you sacrifice mobility for the shoes you wear. Even when you consider their looks, make sure they look good with the rest of your outfit. Why get nice-looking shoes if they don’t match any of your other clothes?

  1. Shopping Early in the Day

Did you know your feet slightly grow during the day?

Buying shoes early in the morning is a bad idea. Your feet will begin to swell after walking around a bit. The heat of the day and the sweat from walking around will also cause it to get bigger.

This also means your feet will grow a bit when you’re in a hotter area compared to shopping in a cold place.

Use this to your advantage. Shop when you know your feet are at their largest size. Buy shoes during the afternoon or while you’re at a hot place, right before it gets cold again. This ensures you’ll find shoes that fit comfortably throughout the day.

  1. Trying On Shoes Without Socks

Never try on shoes barefoot.

It can feel more comfortable for some people, but it’s not a wise shopping thing to do. Buying shoes that fit without socks means they might not feel comfortable anymore as soon as you do put some on. This is especially the case for those who require thick running socks or warm socks for cold weather.

Not planning on wearing socks the day you go out to buy shoes? This might sound silly but make sure to pack a pair of socks with you. You can put them on, try on some shoes, and then put them back in your bag afterward.

Make sure to bring the thickest pair you know you regularly wear.

  1. Assuming Your Shoe Size

One of the most common mistakes is assuming your shoe size.

A lot of people do this because they already measured their feet before. However, keep in mind that your feet continue to grow. The measurements you had before won’t be the same today.

If you measured your feet in your early teens, it’s time to measure them again. Feet growth only slows down during your later adolescence and only stops by the time you hit the age of 20.

This means you should always measure your feet again before buying shoes. Make sure to convert those measurements into different systems. You’ll want to know the exact measurement for US sizes for shoes, UK shoe sizes, and more.

  1. Buying Without Trying

Never make it a habit to buy shoes without trying them on first.

When you’re at a store, ask for help and an opportunity to try on their shoes. Don’t rely solely on the shoe size label. A size 9 for one brand of shoes might be slightly so different compared to the size 9 of others.

What can you do if you buy shoes online? What if the shop doesn’t provide a size chart?

Check the shoe size and look for a size chart. The company or seller should have one available. A better option is to look for a shoe from the same brand and test if the sizes match.

  1. Not Reading Reviews

Yes, you can find great options for shoes online. This isn’t a knock against buying shoes online. You can still get something great, like these Adidas Country shoes here.

That said, you need to read reviews. Make it a habit to read reviews before even considering the shoes. This prevents you from buying shoes that don’t fit, break easily, or aren’t as beautiful as portrayed in ads.

People lean on reviews for good reasons. These come from actual consumers, so you know they have more to say than what advertisements reveal. This will help give you a better set of information to make a wise shopping decision.

Did the shoes look as good as advertised? Do they break easily, or was the material not as reliable as shown in marketing materials? Also, check if there were issues when trying to get a refund or replacement.

  1. Ignoring the Shape of Your Feet

Everyone has different kinds of feet. You have normal feet or ones with flat soles. Others have high-arch feet.

Look for shoes that cater to your shape. This ensures optimal comfort even when you have to wear the pair for hours. Look for shoes with soles that curve to the shape of your feet, like Rocker shoes.

This becomes essential for people looking for running shoes or hiking boots. Flat-sole shoes might cause aches and sores over time.

Avoid Making These Mistakes With Buying Shoes

Now you know the common mistakes with buying shoes and how to avoid them. Don’t forget to always measure your feet, try shoes at the right time, and read reviews. Make it a habit to check for more than looks and know what kind of shoes work for the shape of your feet.

But don’t stop with this list of shoe-buying mistakes. For more fashion advice and other fitness or technology tips and tricks, we invite you to dive into our other posts. Discover more guides today!

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