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In this digital era, you’ll be thrown apart if you do not know how to use digital marketing to grow your business. But, if you’re still neglecting investment on this, then you’re inviting trouble for yourself.

This is the reason why I have enlisted the top 7 digital hacks that can help you increase sales. Stick with me till the end and you will know why digital marketing is the most rewarding investment in 2021!

  1. Content marketing

‘Content is the king’. Stick to this formula. Create valuable and shareable content. At every level of marketing, you’ll need concrete content to promote your brand.

You can create blogs, infographics, videos, guides, and e-books to allure your target audience. Good content helps generate traffic on your website which if nurtured well can boost sales.

  1. Email marketing

We have all been aware of this strategy but most fail to realize its real potential. The HubSpot report says that email engagement has increased to approximately 80% in the last year. Obviously, this is only possible with a well-drafted email with clear messaging.

Marketers also attach their digital brochures along with the emails for the customers to view. Another report also says that email marketing brings the highest ROI to small businesses.

  1. Video marketing

The reports say videos are responsible for 82% of traffic. I am sure you can already see the gigantic scope here. When such a large audience prefers videos, it will be foolish to not use this platform.

We all know that brand videos generate great results. But don’t forget about the live videos. They work equally well. 13% of traffic is generated from live videos. The most beneficial part here is that live videos give you a chance to interact with your consumers and know their feedback in real-time. You can also answer their queries and generate leads. This is the best strategy for audience engagement.

  1. Sponsored LSA

Unlike Google Ads, you don’t pay for every click in LSA. You only pay for leads that are generated through the ad. Set up a budget depending upon the number of leads you expect and see your ad flashing on the top of the SERPs page.

For every lead generated through the ad, you pay an amount. It is that easy and cost-effective!

  1. SEO

This is the biggest digital marketing hack to improve your sales and you need the best SEO company to help you grow your business. What is SEO? It is Search Engine Optimization. This helps to get your website a higher ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). The higher you rank, the more credible you are considered. And it is no hidden fact, that most of the searchers only open the first three links on the SERP. Hence, if you rank higher, you’ll be able to generate more leads and revenue.

This strategy doesn’t show results overnight. You need consistent efforts to build your rankings. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, take help from StudioHawk.

  1. Influencer marketing

The number of influencers on social media is increasing every day. There’s an entire community of influencers and micro-influencers for you to collaborate on certain campaigns. However, make sure to choose a personality that suits your budget or collaborate with them on mutual benefits.

Everybody uses social media and these influencers have a large control over people’s minds. So, they can create and publish content according to your brand, provoking customers to buy your product. This strategy is in extreme trend these days and has been extremely successful.

  1. Use the AIDA formula

The full form of AIDA is Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This marketing strategy has been used by all traditional mediums since 1898. To be honest, it still works.

The basic thing you do here is to create attractive content to grab the viewer’s attention so that it generates interest. Invoke a desire by wisely listing all the benefits. Then, tell them how to buy the product and drive them to the purchase. Simple!

This is a formula you need to keep in mind while strategizing for your digital marketing efforts also.

Over to you…

To survive today’s competitive market, you cannot stay rigid. You’ll have to adapt to the changes that your consumers prefer. And these are full-proof hacks that are currently working extremely well with the audience.

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