7 Documents to Have When Meeting Your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Did you know that the average driver will experience a car accident once every 18 years?

Winning a vehicle accident case depends on the information your lawyer has. Here are documents to have when meeting your motor vehicle accident lawyer.

  1. Show Medical Records

To win a motor vehicle accident legal case, your lawyer needs all of the information on what is happening to you, including the notes you have from your doctors. Vital documents include:

  • In-hospital records from emergency room visits.
  • Out-of-hospital records from nurses, paramedics, and doctors.
  • Copies of diagnostic tests. Computed tomography scans are preferred. Studies show that CT scans are much more accurate than x-rays or MRI scans.
  1. Statements From Witnesses

Witness statements are critical to getting a successful outcome in a legal case.

Firstly, witness statements can help us understand the circumstances leading up to the injury. There may have been an unsafe road condition that leads to the accident.

Eyewitnesses can also provide evidence of what happened leading up to and during the crash. They can provide evidence of eye trauma caused by glass fragments from broken windows or windshields following a crash or shock wave injuries from explosions.

Further, witnesses can testify about how they were injured and if they required medical treatment for their injuries following the crash.

  1. Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are valuable evidence in a case. They can help testify how the injuries occurred following the crash and if you required medical treatment for those injuries, which is sometimes pivotal in the end result of the case.

  1. Receipts for Costs Incurred

When you hire an attorney, attach all receipts for costs incurred due to your injuries to the accident report you submit to your lawyer. That includes medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

  1. Insurance Reports

The police will take an accident report and send it to the insurance companies involved in the case. If your case is a multi-vehicle accident, the police will give the insurance companies copies of all accident reports.

  1. Driving License

Of course, you’ll need to show you have a valid driving license in a vehicle accident case.

When building your case, your lawyer will want to know if you’ve had any previous traffic citations or vehicle accidents, and having your driving license to hand makes the whole process faster.

  1. Opposing Party Documentation

Providing documentation from the opposing party in a vehicle accident legal case can provide a strong account of what happened during the crash. Here are some examples of the information you’ll need:

  • Vehicle Information
  • Repair History
  • Damage to the Vehicle(s)

Hire a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Sooner Not Later

You should contact your motor vehicle accident lawyer immediately following the accident so that they can start gathering evidence for your case.

Any information that could be useful in proving whether or not there was negligence is useful. Insurance reports are also vital because they will explain how the other driver is insured or not insured.

In conclusion, winning a motor vehicle accident case depends on the quality of your lawyer’s information. Having all of these documents is imperative to building a successful outcome for your vehicle accident legal case.

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