7 Features of Online Time And Attendance Management Systems

If you’re a business owner or manager, you know how challenging it can be to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. You must foster an environment that allows you to look after your employees and their needs while still ensuring that your managerial objectives are met. This is where an online timecard system can help!

Online time and attendance solutions were created to help you manage your employee’s work hours, time off, and schedules with very minimal input or oversight. They can provide insight into who’s working on what project or for which client, when they’ve taken breaks, and who consistently gets to work on time.

Choosing the perfect time online time and attendance solution can be challenging as many different options are available. You will want to look for software that provides essential features to your business and can help you meet your business goals. If you’re unsure where to start, here are some of the best features to look for when choosing a time tracking system.

The Best Features To Look For

There are some basic features that every online time clock software will provide. If the programs you look at do not offer these features, it is best to go for a different solution. This software can help you run a successful team, but some also may be more stressful than it’s worth. Here are the best features to look for when shopping.

Flexible Punching Options

In this day and age, employees work remotely, and from multiple locations, so it’s essential to have flexible punching options to align with that diversity. Most online time and attendance solutions come equipped with at least one primary punching method, typically username/password. However, more advanced solutions offer punching methods such as facial recognition, PIN, or QR Code.

Having access to advanced punching methods provides your business with peace of mind that employees are only punching time for themselves. Plus, employees will appreciate you giving them more than one option to use.

Easy to Process Payroll

Part of this system’s appeal is that it is easy to connect to your payroll provider for seamless payroll processing. That means that each employee’s hours are sent directly to your payroll company at the end of each pay period. Your team will know they are getting paid for each minute spent on the clock. This will boost your team’s happiness level, and they will trust that they are getting paid fairly.

Scheduling Alerts and Reminders

If you know someone has a hard time keeping track of their schedule and projects, you can send alerts and reminders. You can automatically send push notifications to remind them of an upcoming shift or that it’s almost time to punch out. You can also send them messages when they need to take breaks, so no labor laws are violated.

This timesheet management feature not only helps your employees be more accountable over their time tracking process but allows management to take a more hands-off approach. This enables them to turn their focus to more essential business operations.

Customer Support

Many managers take for granted the amount of support one system has. If you have never used online time and attendance software, it can be hard to set up, and things can go wrong. It is crucial to find one with an excellent support team to help you with any problems along the way. The best way to find out about a customer support team’s efficiency and reliance is by reading reviews from current and past customers.

Advanced Reports

If you don’t have a payroll provider, perhaps you’re processing payroll in-house; most time and attendance systems come equipped with advanced payroll reporting options. You can run these reports whenever needed – such as when it’s time for payroll processing or if you want to see if you’re within your budget for a specific project. Set the correct rules for complying with the workplace and attendance record-keeping laws applicable to your business. IMONIT employee time tracker and track employee attendance application help to accurately calculate hours worked, including overtime and ensures that everything is in order and transparent for payroll processing.

Employee Self-Service Options

Many modern online time and attendance solutions provide self-service options. Rather than a manager or supervisor having to enter their employee’s time, employees can punch in and out from any allowed device. They can request time off when needed, and it can go to their supervisor for approval first.

Employees can also view their work hours, available time off balances, and schedules directly from within the software. They no longer have to go to their supervisor or scour through a spreadsheet to find the information.

Scheduling Management

Scheduling is not often associated with the actual time tracking process. However, more time clock solutions have opted to include a scheduling feature to allow employers to keep everything in one area. With online timesheet software, you’re able to create and publish schedules for your workers. You can update and re-arrange shifts if issues arise or if your labor needs change.

Employees can view their schedules from any allowed device. This enables them to appropriately plan their personal lives based on their schedule and mentally prepare for the shift and any task at hand.

An online time and attendance management system can genuinely make running a business much more seamless and, at the very least, should come with these essential features. Some will have more advantages over others, and you will need to evaluate your business and what you want to focus on.

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