7 Interesting Benefits of Wearing Vegan Shoes

Are you debating swapping out your leather goods for some trendy new vegan fashion options? Not sure what vegan fashion is about?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with all the details you need to know about swapping into the vegan leather world. The easiest swap to do first? Vegan shoes!

Keep reading to find out the benefits of switching to vegan leather.

  1. Cruelty-Free

The biggest benefit and often times the one that gets people onto the vegan fashion trend is cruelty-free products.

Most leather goods are produced from cows, sheep, or pigs’ skin to make jackets, purses, and shoes. In some cases, like in China, the use of cat and dog skin is a popular method for leather production.

The benefits of vegan fashion? There are no animals whatsoever involved in the making of vegan leather goods. Often times it is derived from plant-based materials like plants and even fungi.

You don’t have to worry about where your fashion was sourced from or what it’s made out of.

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  1. Environmentally Sustainable

It’s a pretty well-known fact that the production of leather is a seriously big drain on the environment.

Animal farming produces vast amounts of gases into the environment as well as having a large environmental footprint.

The dyes that are leeched into the waters near the factories as well as the chemical processes that are involved in drying, conditioning, treating, and shaping the leather into your fashion item.

The benefit of vegan fashion leather is that it has a very small carbon footprint as well as little to no chemicals to create plant-based leather. This means you can live sustainably by buying sustainable fashion.

  1. More Affordable

Shoes can be expensive to purchase.

Dress shoes for men or dress shoes for women don’t have to be a pricy purchase. Vegan fashion can be the answer to saving money on those otherwise costly items.

Since vegan leather doesn’t need to be farmed traditionally like animals are, and the processing procedure has fewer steps the cost of producing vegan fashion is lower than non-vegan fashion and leathers. You can check Nagaba’s eco friendly & vegan shoes.

When the cost of production on items is low, the price reflects that by also being low and affordable.

  1. Hold Up For Long

Vegan fashion doesn’t mean that it is of lesser or inferior quality than its counterpart.

The vegan fashion produced today is made with the working individual in mind. Creators are aware that everyone wants items that can hold up the test of time and won’t require frequent repurchasing.

No one wants to constantly buy new shoes every year because the previous ones wore out already. You don’t have to worry about that with vegan fashion as longevity is a key factor.

Fewer replacements equal more money in your pocket to spend on other things it to save for a rainy day.

  1. Look Better for Longer

Over time, when the leather has had enough wear, it will crease, wrinkle, and even sometimes warp when exposed to certain elements. Vegan fashion leather won’t do that.

Vegan leather will not produce crease or warp like real leather does when exposed to water and other elements. In fact, it will look much better after a few years of wear than real leather in the same amount of time.

Longevity in fashion products, especially shoes is an amazing quality to have in your most worn products. Those shoes you wear every day will look less dingy if they’re vegan leather vs real leather in the long run.

And really, no one can tell the difference unless they inspect deeper.

  1. Cut Down Plastic Usage

One of the biggest misconceptions is that vegan fashion is plastic fashion.

Although that used to be the case a few years ago with the industry’s usage of PVC, that is no longer the case.

After long and thorough studies, scientists have created material from various plants and even fungi. Plants like pineapple trees are used to create sheer and light fabrics that and cacti are used to create synthetic leather.

The neat thing is that any of the now-created vegan fashion is so similar to other items in the fashion industry that you cannot tell the difference sometimes even upon closer inspection.

You can look good, and feel good about the choices you make in your wardrobe staples.

  1. Fashionable and Trendy

Fast fashion is the biggest retail drain on the environment. The clothing produced isn’t environmentally sustainable, and once the trend is over the items are usually just thrown out.

With vegan fashion, the key is to produce timeless pieces that are trendy forever while those that are meant as trend items can be easily recycled.

Nowadays, bigger designers are hopping on the sustainability train and creating timeless and fashionable pieces using vegan materials. Soon enough, the products in-store will become a more balanced offering of current and vegan material trends.

Already, big store giants like H&M with vegan shoe choices, have added vegan fashion to their line-ups to get ahead of the trend. This will eventually become the new normal in an attempt to keep fashionable while also aiding our impact on the environment.

Getting Into Vegan Fashion

Vegan fashion is coming to the markets with its newly minted materials and styles. The trend to switch is becoming more buzzworthy and stores are beginning to accommodate these options.

The benefits of vegan fashion are quite many and it is a pretty easy and environmentally friendly switch to make in your closet right away.

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