Smartphone Hacks That You Ought to Know About

Smartphones have made our lives luxurious and convenient more than we could ever imagine. In addition to providing the basic function of communication, these magical devices have revolutionized every aspect of our lives.

Whether you need to calculate the exchange rate, translate the lyrics of your favorite song, or prepare an office presentation, or anything else, these gadgets rarely let you down. But what if we told you that there is still a lot more that you can get out of your smartphones? We have discussed some of the best smartphone hacks that you are probably not aware of. Let’s find out.

A Quick Charge

Our phones mean everything to us. But more often than not we see the dreaded red color on the phone battery symbol. And the time it takes to fully charge your phone is a true test of patience.

You will be happy to know that there is something you can do to speed up the charging process. Simply switch your phone to Airplane Mode and your phone will charge within no time.  This is because on Airplane mode, your phone is not constantly looking to catch cellular signals from cell towers nearby, thus reducing the strain on battery.

Bye-Bye Ads

When you are deeply invested in a game of Candy Crush or Coin Master, the sudden appearance of an irritating ad can completely wreck your mood. Many have thought of ways that would allow them to play their games in peace.

Well, it turns out that you actually can. While you may need assistance from an internet service like Optimum internet to play games like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Mobile, you do not need it for games that you downloaded on your phone. Before you start your game, turn off your Wi-Fi and you won’t have to suffer through those irritating ads ever again.

Typing Isn’t the Only Way to Google

Every minute and every second is of the utmost importance when you have a busy lifestyle. Previously, when you had a query, you would type up your questions in the Google search box and it would return the results.

Thanks to modern-day technology, you can now even upload pictures of objects that you are seeking answers about and image recognition software will provide you with relevant information in seconds.

Take a Selfie with Your Earphones

You must be thinking that your earphones are for calls and listening to your favorite music. While that is the main purpose of your earphones, it doesn’t hurt to get out a little extra utility from them because you simply can.

If you happen to be an iPhone user, all you have to do is plug your earphones into the phone and place the phone at the desired angle. And when you are ready to say “Cheese”, simply press the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button on your earphones and you will get the perfect picture – it is as simple as that.

Who Needs a Measuring Tape?

Lost the measuring tape? Well now you measure the dimensions of your coffee table with your phone.  Thanks to Google’s Measure app, your phone can turn into a virtual measuring tape. And the process is relatively simple as well.

All you have to do is fire up the app and point to the object that you want to measure. On the screen, you can pick two spots that you want, and the app will measure the distance between them.

Switch to a Simple Background

We have all gone through the phase when we wanted the coolest background with the most vibrant colors and objects were constantly moving. While it may seem appealing and exciting at the beginning, the excitement quickly fades away.

By switching to a static and basic background, you can save battery power and utilize it elsewhere. The best-case scenario would be a simple black screen as it consumes minimum battery power.

Screenshots preserve Data

Google Maps have made our lives a whole lot easier. Now, we can easily manage traveling to unknown destinations with Google Maps guiding us all the way. But it does come with a serious data cost.

Instead, you would be better off taking a screenshot of your directions and then turning off your cellular data. This way you would be able to save excess data that may have been wasted while you continuously navigated through the area.

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A Few Final Words

Smartphones have no doubt introduced convenience and luxury into our lives but you need to unlock their true potential if you want to get the most value. Keep a lookout for innovative hacks that can make your life a little more comfortable. Who knows, you might come across a really useful and time-saving hack.

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