Did you know that IT downtime costs businesses around $1.55 million every year? IT downtime leads to a loss of work hours which doesn’t only cost you financially, it also has a negative impact on your business productivity.

Minimizing or eliminating IT downtime is just one of the many reasons that your business should hire an outsourced IT service. You won’t need to worry about dealing with IT problems and can focus entirely on the core functions of running a successful business.

Are you interested in knowing more? Keep reading for seven compelling benefits of outsourcing your business’s IT for a more productive, efficient, and secure business.

  1. Save and Control IT Costs

When you use outsourced your IT services you will pay an agreed monthly fee that doesn’t fluctuate. This means that you can better control your expenditure and budget with controlled fees.

Running your own IT department, on the other hand, it can be an expensive running cost of your business. You have to hire experts and sometimes train them too. Additionally, the IT workload of your company will vary from month to month and sometimes the high compensation won’t match the minimal duties required.

By outsourcing IT services you only pay for what you need, no more and no less.

  1. More Time and Resources to Run Your Business

Each and every business requires IT services, even though this is not their core function. By outsourcing your IT requirements you free up time and resources to focus on the core functions of running a successful business.

When you need to divide your attention between your IT related concerns and core business functions, you’re limiting the potential of your business. You and your employees should only be concerned on the tasks that keep your business operational.

Find out more about the signs that it’s time to outsource your IT.

  1. IT Professionals Will Increase Efficiency and Productivity

IT services are essential for the optimum functioning of your business. When everything runs smoothly your business is as productive and efficient as it can be. Additionally, your company will be able to reduce costs and focus on core functions which increases productivity, too.

An outsourced IT company will also be able to help you run your business better by streamlining IT processes, redesigning workflows, and automating tasks.

  1. Uninterrupted Flow of Service

If you have an in-house IT department they don’t have the time and resources to monitor your IT environment all day, every day. An expert managed services provider does. They have a team of staff and all the latest tools to keep an eye on your IT environment and predict and solve issues before they occur.

They will also be able to advise you on certain upgrades that your business needs in order to reduce downtime. You won’t need to spend time on time-consuming, yet necessary tasks, such as software and anti-virus updates, inventory auditing, and data backups.

You can rest assured that all of this is being constantly taken care of in the background.

  1. Working With Trained, Qualified, Experienced Experts

One of the biggest advantages for a business owner who outsources IT services is that they have access to the best in the field. Your in-house IT department may be qualified and knowledgable, but they are limited by the scope of only your IT environment and the issues that commonly crop up within it.

On the other hand, expert outsourced services have a broad scope and broad experience which means that they are better equipped to handle any IT issues that may arise in your business.

The entire function of an IT managed service provider is to be experts at their job. They undergo continuous training and are always one step ahead.

  1. Access to New Technology

Do you have the finances to splurge on the most updated and advanced technology and software on the market? Probably not. When you use an outsourced IT service, your business automatically has access to the most current technology.

You won’t only have access to the tech, but you’ll also learn how to use it and techniques and tools to take advantage of it. IT services have their finger on the pulse of all the best tools, techniques, software, and processes. And your business will have access to it all.

  1. Improved Cyber Security

Nowadays you need to take extra precautions to ensure that your data and sensitive information is secure. Hackers are becoming more prolific and effective at infiltrating businesses’ IT systems, causing chaos, and stealing information.

You need to ensure that you take every possible precautionary step to keep your business safe. This includes having firewalls, installing DMZs, and auditing workstations and servers.

This may all seem somewhat overwhelming, however, outsourcing IT services to an expert company can solve this problem. Professional IT companies will minimize your security risks, put the best precautionary measures in place and always make sure that your compliance standards are up-to-date.

An Outsourced IT Service Is The Best Choice For Your Business

There’s no doubt that an outsourced IT service can help your business in so many ways. You’ll have access to all the latest technology, the best security practices, and expert knowledge. What’s more, this all comes at a fixed cost which you can scale up or down according to your business needs.

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