A Secret to Writing a Short Essay on the Spot

What would you prefer-a tame, bland, and non-informative write-up or something knowledgeable yet with a catchy and quirky start? If I were you, I would go for the latter, which would keep me linked to the content. And that is where the experts who provide the best essay writing service Australia will introduce the term “hook”. Don’t worry; it’s nothing technical but the intriguing start of an academic document. It should be captivating enough to bind the readers to read what you present.

Don’t be strained over the thought, a team of professionals will make you understand the concept of a hook to help you write the HD grade essay.

Know the Hook Styles to Amp Your Essay!

Take a look at the lesser-known hooks that will help you draft one of the best pieces of writing and make the reader fall in love with your essay.

Raise a Question Hook

A question generates curiosity and leaves you wanting more and stopping at nothing. Make sure the questions are open-ended, which means there should be room for more to add. Humans are inquisitive and want an answer to every question, and if they don’t get it, they always try to dig deep for one. Deflect from directly handing over what a reader wants; make them crave more.

Always Cite Hook

Begin with a quotation. It not only grabs the reader’s eye but creates an impact as a whole. Don’t tweak the words and use the whole statement as it is. The quotation could be picked from any source and is not mandatory to be of some famous author. But make sure to use the impressive and informative ones that strike the eyes.

Share Your Experiences

Start with a personal touch to make it relatable. It commonly goes for a narrative essay type, where you put in an intimate opening to make the reader understand the essence of what you want to portray. It creates an emotional connection by asking the reader for more and tapping into the empathy factor.

Striking Statics

Give your reader all the facts and numbers that would divert them from all the other distractions and make them focus on your writing. Statistical information can grab anyone’s attention. So, create curiosity by using accurate facts and data and don’t make it very obvious. This way, you might lose the charm and break the interest.

A Direct Proposition

The introduction with a sturdy or informative statement leaves a mark on the reader. Whether you agree or disagree, create a sense of curiosity and let your reader decide the point for debate. It lends support to the thesis statement and creates a picture in the reader’s head.

Attempt the Descriptive

The method is to entice your reader with informative and descriptive details. It makes your reader ask for more, and the key to generating curiosity is not to disclose all the details in one go. So, keep it short and avoid putting all the details at once. Focus on what is meaningful and relevant to the topic.

Metaphorical Hook 

A metaphor is a figure of speech comparing one thing to another. It creates a direction for the reader to think differently and outside of the box. It helps your audience read from a different perspective and follow a unique approach.

A Brief 

Why follow the normal process when you can do it differently? Stop adhering to conventional writing and train your mind to write in ways that no one would expect. Out of the box is what readers seek these days, and how you deliver it to them is what makes you an expert. To achieve expertise, you can always avail the best essay writing service Australia, where skilled professionals guide and assist you to deliver your best and help you score well by meeting the deadline and quality of work. They also aim to provide Australian assignment help to ease the stress of academics.

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I (author), an academic writer and a PhD holder have penned down some rarely known hooks to elevate your writing. The technique is not complex but needs an understanding for good wordplay. Every academic writing requires a catchy start and that is what I am here to help with. I don’t compromise on the efficiency and quality of work and will prove to be a reliable help. My years of expertise allow me to curate authentic and 100% original documents.

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