7 Reasons You Should Try Elysian, Secret Nature’s New Brand

Secret Nature has been many things. At first, it was only an idea shared among a few friends, but Secret Nature quickly became the internet’s preferred source of CBD hemp flower.

Nothing stays the same forever, though, and it is now time for Secret Nature’s next evolution. Introducing Elysian, a new greenhouse-grown hemp flower brand from the same minds that brought you Secret Nature.

Why is Elysian worth a shot regardless of how much or how little experience you already have with Secret Nature? Let’s explore seven of the most compelling reasons in this guide.

1.) It’s cheaper than normal Secret Nature buds

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at an Elysian hemp flower product page is that Elysian buds cost a lot less than their Secret Nature equivalents. That’s because greenhouse-grown hemp inherently costs quite a bit less to manufacture, and hemp producers should always strive to make their products more accessible.

Other brands charge the same amount as indoor grown Secret Nature buds for greenhouse or even strictly outdoor-grown buds that are considerably inferior in quality. Elysian proves it’s possible to offer hemp flower at an impressively competitive price without sacrificing quality.

  • Secret Nature Elysian Orange Royale CBD Hemp Flower review – Nichole R. “Amazing strain from the best cbd company out there!” ★★★★★ “Hands down our new favorite strain!!! Smells amazing and has the most beautiful big buds !!! 😍 we love all the strains we have tried mist of them but this one takes the cake!!! Omg!!! Great flavor, nice and relaxing but not to much, helps alot with our pain and migraines! Seriously the best! If you haven’t tried it yet you definitely should!!!!!!Read more about review stating Amazing strain from the best cbd company out there!!”

2.) Elysian is just as good, though

Verified customer reviews for Elysian hemp flower generally agree with our sentiment that these greenhouse-grown buds are pretty much just as good as indoor-grown Secret Nature flower. Elysian buds contain considerably lower concentrations of CBD than their Secret Nature equivalents, but even this major potency discrepancy isn’t as noticeable as you might think.

  • Secret Nature Elysian Sidewinder CBD Hemp Flower review – Camille H. ★★★★★ “This is another amazing strain. The price point is what sold me to try it and I have no regrets! Lol. Smells and tastes amazing, also beautiful to look at! The fact that it’s grown outdoors does not affect the quality at all!”

3.) It features delta 8 flower options

Elysian is the first Secret Nature brand to include both CBD and delta 8 flower options. Elysian CBD strains generally contain around 10-15% CBD, and Elysian delta 8 strains are sprayed with distillate to offer delta 8 THC concentrations as high as 10%.

  • Secret Nature Elysian CBG – Delta 8 Hemp Flower review – Dylan G. ★★★★★ “Very good, great mixed with sidewinder like others say. Smells good and looks good. Great quality I think”

4.) Elysian includes new takes on favorite strains

One of the delta 8 options in the Elysian stable is a new take on Secret OG. Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 flower features greenhouse-grown Secret OG CBD flower sprayed with delta 8 distillate for a combined cannabinoid content nearing 20%. Trust us that you have never experienced Secret OG like this before.

  • Secret Nature Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 Hemp Flower review – Amber W. “Fire 🔥” ★★★★★ “Off of like 3 hits I was ready to put the blunt out lol. Secret OG is a fire strain. I highly recommend this.”

5.) It comes with the Secret Nature Stamp of Approval

Elysian might be budget flower, but it’s Secret Nature budget flower. As nearly 11,000 customer reviews clearly show, that simple association makes a world of difference.

  • Secret Nature Elysian Orange Royale CBD Hemp Flower review – Wesley B. “I think I found my new favorite..” ★★★★★ “Top shelf buds from a top shelf company! Not once have I ever received a single product from Secret Nature that wasn’t premium, high quality flower and Orange Royale just further proves this point! I received my order in discrete packaging and upon opening I was greeted with fat sticky buds that were oh so gorgeous😍. The buds were littered with oRead more about review stating I think I found my new favorite..range and purple hairs and powder coated juicy trichomes crystals.”

6.) There are already plenty of Secret Nature Elysian reviews

Secret Nature Elysian hasn’t even been around 6 months, but there are already hundreds of reviews for you to pore over as you learn more about this greenhouse hemp flower brand. Use these reviews to find out why customers like Elysian and discover what this new brand has to offer.

  • Secret Nature Elysian Sidewinder CBD Hemp Flower review – Dawna T. ★★★★★ “I was skeptical to order this one due to it being outdoor ground and the price was so cheap I thought it wouldn’t be that great boy was I surprised! Secret nature sells the best CBD products on the market and I have tried them all! Another winner! Super mellow and happy feelings.”

7.) Secret Nature Elysian helps you save without any downside

Usually as a consumer, when you pay less you get less. Every once in a while, though, a spending opportunity comes along that truly gives you more than you put in. Coasting off the success of the world’s most popular hemp flower brand, Secret Nature Elysian is an equal and less-expensive alternative to original Secret Nature, not a downgrade. Yes, it’s still high-grade, but you can snag an eighth of Elysian for $25 MSRP — isn’t that incredible?

  • Secret Nature Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 Hemp Flower review – Jacob H. “Beautiful, skunky, gassy, nostalgic” ★★★★★ “I love the terpenes on this blend of skunky piney stench, the buds of flower are dense and sticky. I have this is my selection because it’s quality flower, the terpenes are just lovely and the effects cause a smooth and relaxed high, gets me nice and medicated for the day.”

Secret Nature Elysian FAQ

What is Secret Nature Elysian?

Elysian is Secret Nature’s new greenhouse-grown hemp flower brand. Featuring both CBD and delta 8 options, Elysian is considerably less expensive than original Secret Nature while still offering quality that makes you wonder if it’s really greenhouse-grown.

Is Secret Nature Elysian Sidewinder flower good?

Sidewinder is one of the most popular Elysian CBD flower strains. Featuring indica kush genetics and piney, citrusy terpenes, this greenhouse-grown Secret Nature strain features 420mg CBD per eighth and comes in 3.5g, 7g, and 14g sizes.

Is Secret Nature Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 flower good?

In the opinion of many, the Elysian delta 8 form of Secret Nature Secret OG is an improvement despite featuring greenhouse-grown buds instead of the usual indoor flower. There’s simply something irreplaceable about the effects of THC, and Elysian Secret OG Delta 8 Flower expertly blends delta 8 and CBD to effortlessly capture the fullness of the entourage effect.

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