7 settings to gain the edge in Call of Duty war zone

War Zone has been here for a while now, and there are already numerous ways to gain the edge in battle and hopefully bring home more War zone victories.

Since this game involves cross-play, it’s essential to gain any and every edge in battle.

To win more games, you definitely want to be competitive.

These tips are designed for controller players and those playing on Console, but unsurprisingly all this works on PC.

So if you’re ready, here are 7 secrets and settings to gain the edge in the Call of Duty War zone.

  1. Switch to Contextual Tap

Let’s start with controller tips.

As a default setting, we must hold down Square on PS four and X on Xbox to pick up any weapon. This is not good enough.

This slows you down and can make the first weapon you find impossible to pick up in time before you get shot.

By the time you’ve held the button down long enough, your momentum has gone, and you become a sitting duck.

Therefore the first setting you should change in your menus right away is this, go down to weapons and change use slash reload behavior to contextual tap.

This will make things like opening crates, picking up weapons, and replacing weapons with a single button press.

You will now loot quicker and be on the move faster.

This applies to Vehicles as well. Tap to onboard instantly, as it’s crucial when you’re running away from the gas or an ambush.

So do yourself and your team a favor and switch to contextual tap.

  1. Auto tactical sprint

Next, by default, our character is set to run after pressing on the left thumbstick.

This is okay, but the extra time it takes to press that down can be changed in your settings.

So get back into controller settings and go down to Movement Automatic Sprint.

Here we have three options disabled by default, there’s an auto sprint, and the one I suggest is Auto tactical sprint.

At this early point, the difference between Tactical sprint and standard sprint may be negligible.

But definitely, autorun is a gift. Please use it.

  1. Film Grain

Film grain is added to make the game look more like a movie. As if it was filmed on precisely that, actual film for a cinema.

Film grain adds a filter to hide the lack of texture in some areas on the map, and by default, it’s set relatively low.

So by turning this off, your game will look a little less atmospheric, and you’ll notice other things in the environment a little bit more.

But what you’re losing in visual film-like aesthetic, you will make up in invisibility.

Buildings are easier to get around, and locating your enemies at all distances is much easier.

The film grain is a form of post-processing that causes minor delays on your screen.

To gain the edge in War zone, you’ll want to turn off all post-processing.

  1. World Motion blur.

Like film grain, motion blur makes the game look more cinematic and hides any issues, mainly texture.

Here’s my advice.

Jump into your settings, and beneath the general and accessibility is world and weapon motion blur.

Your game is most definitely going to look worse, but here’s the thing to remember.

Do you watch pro pc players play? The game looks better on Console, but why is that?

Well, it’s pretty simple, the Pro always turns off everything that doesn’t benefit them or distract them.

They turn off shadows, turn off high-quality lighting, turn off motion blur, and want the bare bones of the game with no post-production of visual effects that don’t help them.

So let us take a page out of the Pros playbook and turn off motion blur.

The game will be a lot smoother on Console now, and your target acquisition will just improve significantly.

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  1. Bigger mini map

We can change our map options.

As a default, we have a circular mini-map, which is integral to knowing the enemy locations well.

In general settings, this can be switched to a square shape instead, which happens to be far more significant.

And in this game, bigger is better.

Bigger means more information on the screen, and therefore the trade-off is you will lose a little bit of your peripheral vision, but it’s definitely worth it.

So switch to square when you get the chance.

An additional tip here is, the mini-map can be locked in place to stop rotating around.

If you’re a player or in a team that uses north, south, east, west calls, this map, when locked in place, is perfect.

Because, if the map is in one place, it means north always up on the screen, east is always right, south down, and west left.

This is not for everyone, but if you use those call-outs, this is a good change.

  1. One tap to Slide

When you first play the game, this movement is set to be held, meaning we have to keep our thumb down for longer.

We’ve established why holding buttons down is not ideal. It’s too time-consuming, and this will get you killed on the battlefield.

To change this, go to controller settings, navigate to movement, select slide behavior, and change it to tap.

Now you become John Freakin’ Wick with one-button epic slides.

Let’s go further into this.

If you use a standard controller, a change that improves your aim drastically is shifting from default to tactical.

Here’s why this is crucial, your Crouch button is now located on your right thumbstick, meaning every time you use Crouch or Slide, your thumb will remain on the stick.

This means you can aim, acquire targets and shoot while crouching or sliding.

Corner slides become instinctive, and sliding becomes a massive part of how you maneuver around the map.

On the negative side, your melee button is now located on circle or B on an Xbox. I think you might now lose hand-to-hand fights.

But let’s be honest, what do you use more? Crouch, usually I’m gonna guess you use Crouch, by the way?

  1. Trigger Swap

Here is a super-secret thing you can do to gain a considerable advantage, but it’ll take a bit of time to master switching aim and fire to the shoulder buttons and off the triggers.

So on a PS four, that’s R 2 to R 1 and L 2 to L 1.

It’s hidden in plain sight. Press square on any layout, and the shoulder buttons and triggers will switch places automatically.

This is because triggers take a little bit longer to press down than the buttons do.

Switching these controls gives you a split-second edge in a gunfight that could literally be the difference between dying and victory.

So it depends on how hard you want to be.

  1. Y. I, once you’ve made this change in this game, it’s so difficult to switch back to other games.

So remember, you can change this setting permanently on your Console’s based settings.

Look for accessibility, and in there, you will be able to switch any button around you like

And that’s it for today.

Thank you for sticking around till the end of the article. Hopefully, it helped you in some way. If you have any exclusive tips to gain the edge in Call of Duty Warzone, please share them in the comments below. Till next time! 

Mike Tomson. 

Gamer. Engineer. Pro critic. Writer for Iwantcheats.net

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