Best Solution for Hair Loss

The two most common hair problems that almost all people face are dandruff and hair fall. Dandruff is a skin condition that makes the scalp itchy and flaky. Sometimes dandruff is the reason that leads to hair fall as well. While there are many shampoos and conditioners in the market, it can often become challenging to choose the right product that suits their scalp. However, a few of the best effective dandruff remedies at home can come in handy to treat this problem. There are also a lot of home remedies for dandruff, but it is not always helpful. Therefore, understanding the seriousness of the dandruff condition is very crucial before investing in some hair care products.

Unknown Facts About Dandruff And Hairfall

There are some myths that people tend to believe in when it comes to dandruff and hair fall. Here are seven unknown facts about dandruff and hair fall that might help to understand these two problems in a much better manner

Dandruff Is Not Always Related To Dryness

It is a common belief among people that dandruff happens because of dry scalp. This is a wrong notion as oily scalps also lead to dandruff conditions in people. While oiling is essential as it provides nourishment to the scalp, it is crucial to apply it in the correct quantity.

Clean Scalp Prevents Dandruff And Hairfall

People believe that regular shampooing can be harmful to the hair. Frequent shampooing is beneficial for people who suffer from dandruff as it keeps the scalp free from any excess oil. Less dandruff also prevents hair fall; therefore, keeping the scalp clean is very crucial to avoid both problems. The home remedies for dandruff should also be applied thrice a week so that the scalp is clean and does not produce excessive oil.

Dandruff Can Only Be Controlled

People who suffer from severe dandruff conditions cannot cure it completely. Even the home remedies for dandruff or the shampoos that promise complete healing from dandruff are not true. It can only be controlled by keeping a clean scalp, but the total cure can never be attained.

Hairfall Is Normal

Sometimes people believe losing even one strand of hair can be harmful. This is wrong because studies have proved it is normal to shed 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. This always leads to new hair growth. Therefore, people who panic when they experience little hair fall should not be scared. However, if the hair keeps falling throughout the day at high rates, that can cause concern and requires treatment.

Dandruff Does Not Always Lead To Hair Fall

In most cases, dandruff is the reason behind hair loss. Therefore, most people apply home remedies for dandruff to stop their hair fall. However, sometimes it is observed that the home remedies for dandruff do not work on hair fall. This is when people should realize that hair fall is not related to dandruff. It is some other reason that is affecting the strength of one’s hair.

Daily Shampooing Does Not Lead To Hair Loss

It is a myth that daily shampooing affects the quality of the hair. Hair fall after shampooing is normal as it gets rid of the weak hair. It also purifies the scalp from excessive dandruff and keeps the scalp clean. Daily shampooing also prevents hair loss that might take place due to dandruff.

Medicines Can Lead To Hair Loss

In most cases, it is observed that certain medicines have hair loss as side effects. This is when consulting a dermatologist becomes essential. The home remedies for dandruff or hair fall can never work on hair loss due to medicines. You can take consultation from online clinics to get proper assistance.

Using A Comb Or A Brush By Applying Too Much Force Can Lead to Hair Loss.

Remedies For Dandruff And Hairfall

While it is very crucial to consult a dermatologist before applying anything on the scalp that can cure dandruff or hair fall, here are a few best effective dandruff remedies at home and also some hair fall home treatment that might be helpful:

  • Apply Tea Tree Oil as it can cure scalp or skin problems.
  • Apply Coconut Oil as it is a universal solution for hair loss.
  • Apply Aloe Vera Gel as it soothes the scalp.
  • Apply Apple Cider Vinegar as it can help to treat dandruff.
  • Stress often leads to hair loss. Therefore taking less stress can be beneficial.
  • Intake of fruits and vegetables in higher quantities can lead to healthy hair growth.

These are a few methods that are considered helpful. However, any form of scalp condition always requires medical attention. While home remedies have a slight chance of tackling the problem, intense problems always need medical advice. Hair is a vital part of our body. Taking good care of the scalp can result in much more healthy and luscious hair.

The myths that most people tend to believe in are unnecessary. Doing the research on your part for your hair can lead to better results because every hair type is different and requires customized care. The home remedies and shampoos are also other for each strand and require proper research. Finding the correct treatment will definitely control any sort of hair problem.




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