7 Tips for an Ultimate Game Playing Experience

Gaming is a lot of fun. You can make friends if you’re playing online. However, gaming can also be quite confusing and somewhat tricky, even if you’re not a newbie. Someone is constantly trying to distract you, the connection glitches, the music is not perfect, and you just can’t seem to make the right move.

In this article, we’ll give you the best tips for elevating your gaming experience. We’ll tell you how to build the perfect gaming setup at home by selecting the right chair, console, headphones, PC, and even the mouse. Moreover, you’ll learn how to eliminate distractions, how to deal with defeat, and the best way to communicate with people online.

Tip 1: Be Comfortable When Gaming

A comfortable gamer is more likely to perform better than one struggling with discomfort. and they are more likely to have a positive gaming experience if they are comfortable.

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The first thing you should do when starting to play is choose the right gaming chair. You want something that is good for your back. In addition, the chair must be adjustable. We recommend a leather or faux leather racing style seat. A nice soft material will allow you to sit for a long time without any pain, while the racing style and adjustable backrest will make sure you don’t slouch or slump.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, check out these suggestions from PC Gamer.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Console for You

The Console is the device you use to play games. You have many options available, from PCs to handheld consoles like Nintendo Switch. Depending on your choice, there are different things you have to consider.

For example, if you prefer playing games on the go, then you should go for a handheld console. However, if you want to play in 4K resolution and want to get the best visuals possible, you’ll need a console that can support all those features.

The long-standing debate as to which console is better, Xbox or PlayStation, is far from settled. We won’t weigh in on it here. But if you’d like to read more about that controversial topic, check out this article from PC Mag.

Tip 3: Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Headphones

Focus is crucial if you want to succeed in the game. If someone distracts you, no matter how small the distraction may seem, this could throw your game off completely (as many games come down to split second reactions). This is one reason why headphones are such an important element of the gaming experience.

If your headphones aren’t comfortable enough, you’ll be distracted. You might find yourself constantly taking your hand off your control to adjust the headphones mid-game. That may very well end up making the difference between winning and losing.

Additionally, the sound design of games is an important element to the gaming experience. If you play action games with a lot of explosions or weaponry, you’ll want headphones that have a good bass response. Check out this article on the best bass headphones.

Tip 4: Get a Good Mouse

The mouse is another component that can significantly affect your performance. You want it to be comfortable (for example, a wireless mouse is great for gaming). But even more importantly, you want your mouse to be responsive and accurate. This means that the mouse should react quickly and precisely to your moves.

To improve your gaming experience and reaction time, try getting an optical gaming mouse with a good DPI range.

Tip 5: Eliminate Distractions

If you have your phone on or someone talking to you while you’re playing, it will only result in more frustration and anger. Not only that – it will distract you and make it harder to concentrate on the game. So here’s what you should do:

  • Put your phone on silent mode or leave it in another room and turn off notifications if possible.
  • Close your browser or turn off your computer so you don’t have any visual distractions in your periphery.

Tip 6: Don’t Worry (Too Much) About Defeat

Defeat is inevitable when playing games – you won’t win every match or complete every level. However, there are some positive things you can do to deal with defeat properly:

  • Think about what went wrong and try again later
  • Take a break after a defeat
  • Look for other players who have a better skill level, expect to lose but also expect to learn from the experience
  • Adjust your goals – perhaps try a new tactic that doesn’t involve the traditional winning or losing

Doing all of those things will ensure that the next time around when going against the same opponent or mission, you’ll win (or you’ll take the loss in stride).

Tip 7: Communicate With Other Players Online

Playing online is great – not only because the games are fun, but also because it enables you to meet new people. Whether it’s polite conversation or trash talking – online communication with other players will help you improve the way you play overall and will enhance the experience.

For example, let’s say you’re playing Call of Duty multiplayer and a player tells you about an effective tactic which helped him or her win several matches in a row. This player is keen on sharing their experience. Take advantage of this and engage them further in conversation about their tactic.


Gaming can be a lot of fun. Eliminate the distractions, get comfortable and enjoy the shared experience.

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