7 Tips for How to Design a Company Logo

Do you know how to design a company logo that your customers will love?

Coming up with a logo isn’t always easy, but it is an important part of strengthening your brand. Without a good logo, your customers have nothing to associate with your company. A memorable logo is an easy way to show off your company in only a few seconds.

For all the best company logo design trends, keep reading. We’ve collected many of the top tips to help you create something timeless!

  1. Communicate Your Brand’s Personality

Coming up with a company logo that stands out among the rest starts with an idea. The best ideas stem from conveying your brand’s personality to the rest of the world.

When a person looks at your business as a whole, what is it that you want them to remember? What do you want them to know in the blink of an eye?

These are the things you’ll want to focus on as you come up with a logo idea. The core of your brand is the guide to creating a unique logo.

  1. Focus on Legibility

Even stunning logo designs need legibility to work. This includes legibility in both the fonts you choose as well as the graphics. If it’s impossible to understand what the logo represents, it’ll be forgotten by your customers.

Whenever you come up with a design, test its legibility. Show it to friends and family and ask them to explain it to you. Watch their reactions.

It’s also good to test the design from far away. Print it out and put it on a wall and take several steps back. Is the design still legible?

If it is, then you’ve got yourself a good foundation for a logo. If not, it’s best to go back to the drawing board.

  1. Pick Inspiring Colors

Humans have different reactions to certain colors, even if they don’t realize it. Colors affect the way we feel on a subconscious level. This subconscious feeling carries over in all of our interactions with a company.

When choosing your color palette, you’ll want to focus on the colors that evoke the emotions you want to be associated with your brand.

Blue, for example, is a calming color that often reminds us of the sky and cool waters. If you want to give your customers a sense of relaxation, blue is a great starting point.

It’s also good to keep in mind the temperature of your colors. Warmer colors have a different effect than cooler colors. A logo with warm blues gives a softer effect than a cold hue of blue.

Make sure you don’t weigh down your logo by adding too many colors. Many of the best company logo ideas use a limited palette to pack the most punch!

  1. Tell a Story

Along with your brand’s personality, you want to tell some kind of story with your logo. You don’t need to have a novel-length idea hidden within your logo, but adding some extra interest is a great way to be unique.

The main idea is to make your logo catch a person’s attention. Make them want to continue looking at your logo so that they’re able to put all of the pieces together. Tell the story of your brand in a single image.

By enticing them to look longer, your potential customers end up remembering more of your logo. They’ll think of your company more than they would think about a company that didn’t put as much thought into its logo design.

  1. Stick to Simplicity

Even with all of these things put together, you need to remember that simplicity is paramount to your logo’s success. When you want to learn how to make your company stand out among your competitors, you need to keep things simple.

If there’s too much going on all at once, the logo looks busy and unprofessional. People won’t take the time to decipher what’s going on, and they’ll move on.

When you feel like your logo isn’t quite where you want it, try taking out an element or two. A small reduction in the details could make a big difference in the overall feel of the design.

  1. Flexible Size

A good logo needs to look clear and legible no matter what size or material it’s on. This includes websites on both the computer and on mobile devices, pamphlets, advertisements, and more.

It also includes things like company products and uniforms. You don’t want to put together a great company shirt design only to have the logo look out of place in the final product.

Always test your logo on a variety of different sizes and materials. Test it even in sizes you don’t plan to use. Anything can change through the years, and you’ll be happy you put in the extra work when you start selling a new product that needs a new logo size.

  1. Relevant Design

The last thing to keep in mind is to maintain a sense of relevancy within your design. A fire-breathing dragon looks cool, but what does that have to do with your roofing company?

Unless the name of your company has a pun that links back to dragons, it’s better to pick a different design element.

Potential customers rely on the logo to know exactly what they’re getting before they even click on your link or walk into your store. If they don’t get the service they expect, they’ll feel confused and betrayed. They won’t return to give your company a second chance.

This is why it’s vital to create a logo that’s both eye-catching and relevant to your company!

Knowing How to Design a Company Logo Boosts Your Branding

Now you know how to design a company logo that’ll stand the test of time. With a great logo design, your company’s brand is much stronger. Your customers won’t have any trouble remembering your business and what you can offer to them.

Make sure to take the time to brainstorm with your team until you find the best logo possible for your business!

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