7 Tips for Slashing Your Power Bill

Hoo boy! That power bill is significantly higher than it was last time. Prices seem to be rising faster than you can keep up.

Enjoy a less shocking experience next month by implementing a few of the following tips to slash your power bill.

1. In-Home Energy Assessment

Wondering where to begin? An in-home energy assessment can help you decide. With this tool, you can find out which appliances are eating up the most energy and concentrate your efforts there.

2. Heating and Cooling

The biggest part of the energy use puzzle is usually the heating and cooling system. In fact, in the average Australian household, the HVAC system contributes to approximately 40% of the household’s energy usage.

Giving it a helping hand can make a noticeable difference on your bill.

Keep your HVAC system properly maintained and change the air filters every 3 months or so. A well-maintained appliance doesn’t have to work as hard and will use far less energy.

You can also close the drapes against the hot summer sun or open them up wide to take in lots of sunlight in the winter.

3. Check Your Insulation

High-quality insulation will also help keep the heat where it is supposed to be. You should also consider insulating the attic if you haven’t already done so. Heat rises and an unfinished attic lets that heat you spent money on out into the great outdoors.

4. Install New Lighting

Modern LED lights are so energy-efficient that experts say you don’t even have to worry about turning them off when you leave a room. Thus, if you don’t already have LED lighting strewn throughout your house, it’s time to install it.

Call a Qualified and licensed electrician who will make it a breeze to install your new light fixtures!

5. Turn Off Appliances at the Wall

Many appliances like TVs, phone chargers, microwaves, etc. use energy even when they are on standby. To avoid wasting this energy, always turn off appliances at the wall. If this is impractical, try connecting these appliances to a smart power board that will manage wasted energy for you!

6. Compare Energy Plans

Many Australian residents have a choice of who to buy their electricity from. Different companies may offer a better price for your household’s usage. Shop around and compare plans to figure out which one will save you the most money each month.

7. Use Energy During Off Hours

As you’re shopping around for plans, pay attention to the peak hours. Electricity costs more at certain times of the day when the demand for electricity is higher.

Do electricity-intense tasks like running the dishwasher or laundry machine during off-peak times to save money. You can also set your hot water tank to a timer that only allows it to kick on when the electricity tariff is lower.

Enjoy Your Electricity Savings

There are many creative ways to reduce your power bill without having to turn your household upside down. These are just a few ideas to help you get started!

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