We use tableware or crockery to set a table so we can serve and display food. Tableware can be used for practical as well as decorative purposes. They are made of different materials like ceramic, glass, earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain.

There is a variety of tableware that includes glasses, cups, mugs, forks, spoons, dishes, platters, and others.


As the name suggests, serveware comprises tableware that is used for serving. It can include salad bowls, platters, dessert bowls, and soup pots.


Dinnerware comprises any crockery that is used to serve individual portions of a meal. It includes plates, bowls and other items.


Silverware, also known as flatware, includes cutlery like forks, spoons, and knives.


This includes any tableware that you can sip from. Mugs, cups, and glasses fall in the drinkware category.

How to buy tableware that is ideal for your kitchen cabinetry?

Tableware comes in a variety of materials, designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. But before you decide on a dinnerware or drinkware set, you should keep a few things in mind.

While there are many factors to consider before buying crockery for your kitchen, it’s important not to forget cabinetry. You don’t want to spend hours looking for tableware for your kitchen only to end up returning it due to storage issues.

Here are a few tips to purchase tableware ideal for your kitchen cabinets.

1.     Rethink if you need it

You think you need to add some more to your collection of tableware, but is it really true? This is a habit among most homeowners who love their home and kitchen, to shop for décor, appliances and tableware even when it’s not needed.

If you are planning to buy a glass set, see if your kitchen needs it. Don’t buy it just because you like it or because it’s up for sale. Getting extra tableware can crowd your kitchen cupboards and affect the functionality of your kitchen.

2.     See if you have space

Before considering buying new crockery, head over to your kitchen. Open all your cabinet doors and pull out the drawers to see whether you have space to store any new items.

If you really want to buy tableware and storage space becomes an issue, you can reset your cabinets at this point. Once you put things in their correct spots, you will find some extra space.

3.     Measure your cupboards

Do not forget to follow this tip before you walk out to get a new platter or pot. You will find kitchen utensils in a lot of shapes and sizes, but picking up just any one that you like is never a good move.

You can save yourself from future disappointment if you grab a tape measure before leaving your house to buy tableware. Correctly measure the height, width and depth of your kitchen cabinets, along with your drawers and any open shelves. If you keep these measurements in mind when shopping for crockery, you are likely to get the items most ideal for your cabinets.

If you are a person who gets attracted to a particular size of dishes, you should check out Walcraft Cabinetry to get cabinets most suitable for your dishes.

4.     Look for separate pieces instead of sets

If your cabinets fall short of storage space and you don’t need a 5-piece set for your small family, open stock dinnerware is a great option for you.

Buy per piece rather than per set. If you already have dishes sitting in your lower cabinet, buy only the bowls for the empty space next to your dishes.

There is another additional benefit to it. If you break or lose one of the bowls, you can easily replace it instead of buying a whole set.

5.     Pick the right colors

A lot of people have glass doors on their cabinets. Their presentation can make or break the look of your kitchen space.

If you want your kitchen to appear beautiful and neat, pick a nice color for your tableware. If you are out to buy a dinnerware or drinkware set, you can buy a colored one instead of the usual white.

Or if the doors or interior of your cabinet is already colored (like grey cabinets), get your dishes in white or black.

6.     Pick the right material and design

It is important that your glassed cabinets look presentable. After all, that’s the reason you opted for glass doors in the first place.

You can make your kitchen reflect your personality through the view of these cabinets. Crockery comes in a variety of designs ranging from plain and textured to smooth and patterned. And you may want to get it in a material from china like porcelain or stoneware.

Along with the basic color of your dishes or cups, there is a variety of designs present on them like a border or rim detailing.

You can store different styles of glasses in your cabinets as shapes of glasses can be very attention grabbing.

7.     Decide how much you need

If you only need 6 plates and bowls, you do not have to get 12 of each of them. This way, they can fit comfortably in your cabinets.

You can shop for your everyday dishes according to the available space in your kitchen cabinets.

Remember, you don’t need to waste your earnings on items that you’re not going to use.


Put these tips into consideration before purchasing tableware or crockery for your kitchen. Make sure that you are going to use the items you choose as hoarding stuff in kitchen cabinets can ruin your cooking or baking experiences. Choose the appropriate sizes and designs so that they fit nicely and look great as well.

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