If homeowners would like to take their pool design to the next level, then adding water features can be a great idea. In fact, professionals can upgrade a home to be more luxurious and inviting. Pool builders in Los Angeles can incorporate these water features and others into a pool design.


Fountains are an ornamental and attractive addition to nearly any pool. A duo or trio of fountains can be exciting to behold and create a calming, peaceful space. At the same time, seeing fountains can be an exciting and positive experience for family, friends, and neighbors. Los Angeles pool builders can create distinctive features to inspire optimism in homeowners.

Deck Jets

Shoots of water gently shoot forth from the coping or deck in elegant, beautiful streams. This water feature creates a sense of calm and optimism in the viewer. Deck jets are highly affordable and can be an inexpensive way to add opulence to pools and decks. Pool builders in Los Angeles can provide homeowners with advice on how to save money and create a more aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

Spouting Statue

A spouting statue can contribute an air of magnificence to a home. Not only this but they come in a variety of designs. For instance, statues can be animals such as lions or dolphins that spout water out of their mouths or ladies that pour water by hand. Statues can enhance a pool in an imaginative, charming, or creative way.

Spa Spillways

Those who have an elevated custom inground spa in their pool plan can also add a spa spillway. Los Angeles pool builders can answer questions about what homeowners can add to existing or new designs. A spa spillway is when a spa dam wall has an open section where water falls down to the pool below it. This feature can be similar to when a waterfall spills down onto the rocks beneath it.

Water Bowls

Witnessing large bowls of water as water spews forth from their rims can remind one of the ancient stories of heroes and monsters. After all, the bowls could be large enough for a giant to drink out of. Realistically, this detail can be what makes them appear so utterly eye-catching, fascinating, and unique. Los Angeles pool builders can transform a yard into an ideal spot to spend time with loved ones.


While pools can have a calming effect on the mind, body, and spirit, cascades enhance this feeling. For example, upon seeing cascades, a person may be reminded of luxury homes or a comforting oasis. A cascade can look like a rainbow of water shooting downward in the form of a perfect arc. It can be entertaining to see yet it’s still peaceful and relaxing.

Spouts and Scuppers

Spouts and scuppers are similar features in pools that are original and glamorous. Comparable to cascades, scuppers exit out into a pool through a particular form.

For instance, scuppers come in different shapes such as spherical, round, or rectangular in finishes like copper, stainless steel, concrete, or brass. Scuppers can be attached to some water bowls, a landscape box, or an elevated spa.

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