7 Ways to Finance Your Home Renovation [Ultimate Guide]

If you’re looking for ways to finance home renovations, you’ve come to the right place. This article runs through the best tricks to try, like applying for a home-equity loan, tapping into your savings, and going for a second mortgage. Read ahead to find out more.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a good option, if you’re not planning major renovations. Depending on the card you have, and the store you buy your supplies from, you might be able to get a discount.  Also, cash-back is a feature that many credit cards come with. You would get a percentage off your purchase back.

Personal Loan

You could apply for a personal loan. Compared to using a credit card, you would be able to borrow a considerably large amount. Now be mindful of the bank or finance company that you work with. You need to choose one that has charges lower interest rates, as well as has flexible payment plans.

Get a Second Mortgage

Instead of going the personal loan route, you could apply for a second mortgage. You would be able to borrow quite a big amount. Just keep in mind that your home would be the collateral. Decide whether you will be fine with this.

If you need to know how to get a mortgage in Canada, the process can take a while. But contact the bank you got your original mortgage from, instead of a new one. You will get more flexible lending rates.

Home Equity Loan

A loan based on your home equity is another route you could take. You would be able to borrow against the difference in your home’s property value, and how much equity you own in it. Home equity loans are known for their flexible payment plans.


You could tap into your savings. In case you’re hesitant about this, think about the move as an investment. You would be putting the money into your property, which can increase its value. You would be able to make a profit if you sell it in the future.


If you have any valuables, you can sell them and raise the funds for the renovations. Of course, look around for the best buyers so that you get good prices. Make sure you advertise the products on the right sites too.

Government Financing

Depending on the renovations, you might be able to get government financing. You either wouldn’t have to pay them back, or get low interest rates.

Final Thoughts

Considering all of the points that were run through, what do you think? There are several ways to raise funding for your home renovations. From them, the best would be to use your credit card if the amount you need is not that much. You could get discounts, and be able to receive a percentage off the amount you spent too. But at the same time, you could go for a personal or home equity loan, or even a second mortgage.

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