7 Ways To Improve Business Networking


Starting, nurturing, and growing a new business requires the business owners to utilize all the available tools within his/her reach. A startup business also requires hard work, dedication, and determination to stand on its own and generate the kind of revenue you envisaged. Among the tools that you can utilize to improve and grow your business, networking is one of the most potent tools. One single connection that you make can change the fortunes of your business and thus bolster your income generating skills and expertise.

With networking, the issue of funding can be an easy ride for you. Networking also gives you the enabling environment to learn from other business leaders in the same industry with you. You can also find team members and gather useful insights about your industry through Connectwise Xero Integration and networking. There are other benefits of networking, including having the opportunity to learn industry trends that will help you scale your business.

Above all, improving your business network is a no-brainer if you want to continue to scale your business and hit your targeted revenue projection. Whether you have amazing products or services to sell to your audience, networking can expose your business to institutional clients. It can also expose your business to several testing required to polish your ideas.

So, how do you improve your business network? Thankfully, we have put together 7 great ways to improve business networking.

Let’s get started

#1. Attend Networking Events & Business Conferences

One of the fastest ways to improve business networking is to attend networking events and business conferences. Regardless of your business location, these events and conferences are often organized on a regular basis. The COVID situation that we now found ourselves even makes it easy to join any business events and conferences remotely.

However, ensure you search for a networking event that relates to your industry and that you will benefit from. Do not just jump on the bandwagon just because you see other business owners doing the same. As you get busy attending business conferences, you are equally gaining exposure for your products or services. This could help attract customers and open up more business opportunities that you didn’t know ever existed.

#2. Pursue Further Education & Industry Expertise

The essence of getting further education on how to better run your business cannot be overemphasized. Education will not only expose you to limitless networking opportunities, it will make you gain more knowledge about your industry. As you enrol for further education, you will meet other business leaders and network with captains of industries.

You will even meet people with capital to invest in your business. The bottom line is that you will gain exposure to a large community of like-minded and motivated individuals. Plus, education will provide you with access to school events, workshops, seminars, and conferences to grow, learn, and improve your business.

#3. Seek Mentorship & Advice

Seeking advice and mentorship from those that are above you is another way to improve business networking. Do not just seek mentorship from any tom, dick, and harry that you meet either online and offline. Your mentor should be somebody of impeccable character that has started, nurtured, and grown successful businesses.

Fortunately, you can meet your mentor in one of the conferences that you attend. A good mentor will coach you on how to grow and scale your business. The advice you will receive from your mentor will help you achieve success earlier than your imagination. Additionally, it is also possible for your mentor to introduce you to their connections, suppliers, and business partners.

#4. Strengthen Your Social Network

Another way to improve business networking is to strengthen your social network. Strengthening your social network can get those you are close to or your acquaintances to help you obtain success in your business. Strengthening your social network doesn’t mean having an account on all social media platforms. It means regularly staying in touch with your friends, colleagues, current and former classmates. You never can tell, the people you keep in touch with may be what you need to scale your business.

We didn’t completely rule out having an account on social media platforms. Of course, a good way to reach out to your network is to follow them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If you don’t have the time to engage with a network via these platforms, you can hire a social media manager to handle all your social media contacts.

#5. Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Individuals

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people has a way of motivating you to succeed. As a business person, what business do you have surrounding yourself with paid employees. They have nothing meaningful to contribute to your business growth.

But when you surround yourself with fellow business owners, business leaders, or entrepreneurs, the chances of gaining useful insights on how to run and scale your business is very high. If there is any challenge you are facing with your business, like-minded individuals will easily proffer solutions that will take your business from one level to the other.

#6. Speak & Volunteer at Industry Events

Speaking and volunteering at industry events will also help improve your business network. Whenever there is an upcoming business event in your industry, you can volunteer to help organize the event or request to speak as a resource person. Doing this will expose you to those that will be attending the event.

Suppose you have public speaking skills, the better for you. You’ll need to focus on reaching your audience with the messages that matter most. That’s where the skill of value selling comes into play, which can be enhanced with¬†public speaking classes so you can master these skills combined. Once your delivery is top-notch, expect to be attracted to business leaders in your business, and you know what that means, right? More connections, more sales, and more revenues.

#7. Focus on Improving your Communication Skills

You cannot successfully improve business networking without good communication skills. How do you intend to pitch your ideas to potential investors when you meet them at a business event without good communication? So, you can see that good communication can open more doors with little efforts.


No doubt, improving business networking enhances business growth and empowers business owners to gain more insights about their industry. Improved business networking will also help you attract the right investors to your business. Plus, you will meet mentors that will transform your personal life and by extension your business.

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