7 ways to make your house feel like homeṣ

You can have the most beautiful house, big, expensive, a lot of rooms, a lot of space, perfect furniture and flooring, and still not feel “homely” because how a house makes you feel has a lot less to do about fancy interiors. Instead, it’s more about tiny improvements, which surprisingly, are far less expensive.

Today, we will discuss a few tiny improvements that aren’t significantly costly yet impose a significant change, making your house feel like a home.

1. Add new accessories

Even the best bedrooms and living rooms can feel bland and empty without the right choice of pillows, cushions, and carpets. Add satin throw pillows on the beds and chairs, faux fur rugs, carpets on the floor, and even lookout for some macrame and tapestries for the walls.

These accessories add elements of rest and relaxation to your bedrooms and living rooms. And ofcourse, don’t forget to play matchy-matchy with the color of walls, ceilings, and flooring.

2. Don’t forget lighting

Lighting plays a huge role, whether it is for the aesthetics of your home or the vibe that it generates. There should be multiple lighting options in your house for multiple occasions.

Infact, my advice is that you must get out of the outdated lighting options, and opt for the advanced alternatives like pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting, and more. Don’t worry, they are equally affordable.

3. Doors, paint them!

Most people who think that naked doors with a woody texture on them look more sophisticated and professional haven’t seen how appealing painted doors look. Especially when they are painted with a unique color, like red, which also resonates with the color theme of the house. Trust me, even I didn’t know painted doors could be a thing!

4. Don’t leave your walls empty

When it comes to the walls, paints and wallpapers are of extreme importance. But there is only a limit to which you can play with them and make them look homely.

This is when you need to add paintings, photo frames, and canvas art to such walls. Create an action plan in mind, especially for the walls, and then go ahead to explore your options.

Personally, I love hanging photo frames as they add a customized touch to your dream home!

5. Where’s the sun?

We spoke widely about artificial lighting, but natural lighting is equally important, if not more. You want the maximum amount of sunlight to enter your house, yet not be bothered by it.

Of course, the location of your house plays a big role in it, but the window spaces and curtains have equal participation. To allow maximum sunlight, try to keep as many windows as possible. For curtains, do not reside on the traditional, old-school choices. There are so many fashionable types available in the market – explore and make your best pick!

6. Tiling the right way

Tiles play such a big role, be it floor tiling, or bathroom tiling, you want your tiles to be aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time easy to maintain and not fragile in nature.

Sometimes, it can be too much to ask for, but not when you are looking at https://tiento.com.au/ – they are the perfect place for unique, aesthetic, and long-lasting tiles, for both residential or commercial purposes.

7. Go for vertical furniture

Home furniture is widely divided into two categories – horizontal and vertical. Horizontal furniture occupies more floor space and makes rooms look smaller, like couches and sofas. Whereas vertical furniture occupies less floor space, is tall in nature, like cupboards and shelves, and makes rooms look bigger.

Ideally, your house furniture should be a mix of both, horizontal and vertical furniture. But in my experience, if you invest more in vertical or tall furniture, it will not only help you fill the blank walls but are also be more functional.

Over to you…

Most points that I mentioned above did not necessarily ask you to spend a fortune. My intention with this think-piece was simple: to help you buy the right things and decorate the right way. This is all that you need for your house to feel like home.

If you can afford a big house, go for it, but if you are investing in a small and cozy space, don’t worry – it will be equally comforting and homely!

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