8 Affordable Bathroom Decor Ideas You Must Not Miss

The cost of remodeling a bathroom in Charlottesville can spiral out of control within no time, just like any other part of the world. But not everyone has the access to these incredible and affordable bathroom remodeling ideas!

When it comes to bathroom remodel, every homeowner wants nothing but the best. It is one of the most favorite home remodeling projects because everyone loves to have a comfortable and luxurious space to unwind after a tiring day. As a matter of fact, your day starts and ends here.

If you are ready for a bathroom remodel, it’s crucial to plan. You cannot just step into a store and purchase whatever suits your fancy (unless you are a millionaire!). You need to find a balance between quality and affordable décor for your bathroom.

We have compiled a list of 8 affordable bathroom décor ideas you must not miss!

1: DIY Bathroom Painting

According to a Swedish study, blending the right colors and lighting effects in a bathroom impacts human emotions. Well, nothing beats the power of a fresh coat of paint. When you are aiming to save money, painting it on your own can serve the purpose well. It’s quick, easy, and has the potential to transform your bathroom for good. Choose light colors for small bathrooms. You can also add dark and bold colors for a touch of drama and thrill.

2: Replace Outdated Lighting Fixtures

Affordable bathroom décor ideas are incomplete without lighting fixtures. If you step into your bathroom and instantly wish for a brighter place, it’s time to get rid of the old fixtures. You may still be living with construction-grade light fixtures.

Invest your money in LED lights as they are more energy-efficient and impart a soft glow to space. Don’t be hesitant to try modern bathroom lighting trends such as hanging pendants and bars. You can switch out the fixtures on your own and save money but if you are inexperienced, better leave it to professionals.

3: Cover Walls with Adhesive Tiles

Breathe a new life into the dull tiles by covering them with adhesive tiles. They are easily available in home improvement stores, easy to install, and cost a small amount. You don’t have to hire a professional to install them.

All you need to do is to measure the walls accurately, cut the adhesive sheets and paste them. The best thing is that they are easy to replace. As soon as you get tired of them, you can opt for another pattern, design, and color.

4: Change the Faucets and Hardware

Affordable bathroom décor does not have to be boring. You can make yours interesting and awe-inspiring by changing the faucets and hardware. If you are thinking at the back of your head “What difference does it make?”, try upgrading from existing worn-out faucets to efficient and beautiful ones. If you want to go a step ahead, look for modern features such as movement sensors and heat controls.

Spray painting the hardware is another amazing option. Don’t forget to cover the surroundings with lots of painter’s tape.

5: Install Vinyl Floor Planks

Flooring makes a major proportion of your bathroom décor. Although replacing the floors is not one of the cheapest upgrades, you can manage a simple project at reasonable costs. Check the budget-friendly flooring options in your nearby store. Meet bathroom remodeling professionals to know more options. Installing floor planks is one of the best ideas you will come across. It looks like wood but endures a lot more than wood.

6: Reorganize

Believe it or not, reorganizing your bathroom can make a huge difference. While you are searching for affordable bathroom décor ideas, don’t overlook the power of creativity. You can totally transform the place by using the existing materials. If the lack of space urged you to think about pushing some walls, rethink your storage solutions. Multifunctional shelves, floating vanity and corner cabinets can offer you that extra storage at minimal costs.

7: Add Custom Accessories and Fresh Towels

You can add a touch of you in your bathroom to make it more awesome. Devour the stores for second-hand materials and repurpose them into custom accessories. Several businesses offer customized accessories at affordable rates. Simple wall art with the names of your family members can look amazing.

Finish off by getting fresh and clean towels. The final touches matter the most!

8: Hire A Reliable Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Did you know that homeowners who choose to work with professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Charlottesville VA saved more money? That’s because the experts lend their experience and knowledge for affordable bathroom décors. They can help you avoid costly mistakes. Request written estimates from different contractors before making a deal. Don’t forget to negotiate!

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