8 Best Equipment to Start a Small Home Gym

Since last year, many things have been changing rapidly in our lives. It is weird how fast we have adapted to all of it. We practically had no other choice. Soon our vast spread, sporadic life was confined into a house. We surely adapted to the new normal forced onto us by the raging pandemic, but in the process lost on a lot of things. Our social lives – walking in crowded parks, movie theatres, music concerts, gyms, schools, and universities were left behind as we huddled inside our homes. It didn’t matter for a while because there were bigger concerns in the world.

However, the last year has also taught us the importance of self-sufficiency. Independence is not just how we perceive it. It is more than freedom from any source of authority. It is also independence from things that are not in our control. The lockdown taught us that we cannot fret about things we have no power over. Instead, we can strive and make do with whatever we have, adapt, and become a better person. When gyms closed down last year, many people were concerned about health issues. Staying without significant movement for months can be extremely bad for our bodies. Thus, we have to learn to adapt to this as well. The solution is right in front of us – a home gym. The gym doesn’t necessarily need to have huge types of equipment. It can also have small, affordable but you can buy worthy gym equipment online. It helps facilitate your movement and keep your weight in check. This article talks about some of such types of equipment that will help you get started with setting up a home gym.

  1. Small dumbbells: You don’t need to have a strenuous exercise session to activate your muscles. Consistent movement with a little external help will take you long miles in fitness. Small 1 kg dumbbells are cheap and work extremely well to activate your hand muscles.
  2. Treadmill: Going on a run in a mask is an impossible idea. It is also unhealthy as your lungs will not get enough oxygen. Thus an at-Home treadmill (家用 跑步 機) can be extremely good. A nice run every day is very good for the heart and keeps your blood pressure in check too.
  3. Spin Bike: Do you miss going cycling around your town? Not exactly as blissful as cycling but the spin bike has the same goodness as cycling sessions across the town. It is good for the leg muscles as well.
  4. Rowing Machine: Looks like you can have a bit of everything inside your house if you perceive it creatively. We got you substitutes for running and cycling but now we also give you an idea to recreate your rowing experience with your rowing machine. Cable row machine will strengthen your arms and allow good upper body movement as well.
  5. Cross Trainer: This machine occupies very limited space and helps you burn all those calories very easily. It doesn’t need any strength to use but comes with multiple benefits like boosting stamina and cardio capacity. This also lets you work out on the upper and lower body simultaneously.
  6. Adjustable/Sit-up bench: If you had been working on your abs before the lockdown and have been seeing your hard work disappear now because of lack of exercise, you need to do some major damage control. Light exercises will not help you in that case. You need to get back to bench press to activate and strengthen the chest muscles again.
  7. Power tower: This is one of the best kinds of equipment that you can invest in. Its versatility is its biggest advantage. A power tower comes with various features like a pull-up bar, dip station, abs station, and push-up station. This lets you indulge in a holistic body exercise that will work on your strength and help to intone, and shaping of the body.
  8. Power racks: Since home exercises are mostly unsupervised, you must make sure of your safety. If you are into heavy exercise and use deadweights, it is important that you also get power racks. The adjustable hooks help you manage how long you want to carry the weight and lets you leave it whenever you want to.

So, now that you know what makes up a good home gym setup, you don’t have to sulk about missing your gym anymore. You can recreate the experience of gyms in your homes.

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