How to Stay at the Top of Google Search Forever?

Improving your Google ranking is a crucial thing in the website business. But of course, not directly. These trackers will provide you with your ongoing performance. Moreover, they also let you compare the content of your websites with your competitors. Thus, you will know where you lack and how the competitors are improving. Ultimately, you will find out your flaws and will be able to deal with them.

You might think that why would you need a ranker tool when you can simply check it out by typing your keywords on Google. The reason behind this is that the results vary when you type keywords. Therefore, you won’t be able to get accurate results. You can check whether your website is on the first page or not. However, this won’t give you the performance of your keywords.

Therefore, if you want to get accurate results and wish to optimize your website, tools will help you out.

1 – Zutrix

The first keyword rank tracker that we have here is Zutrix. It uses Artificial Intelligence software to do all the work. Therefore, you will get highly accurate results. You can get it at

And if you do not want to miss important messages, Zutrix will help you out. It provides real-time notifications on telegram and even on emails and slack. So if there is something that needs your attention, the software will tell you to check it out. Thus, there is no chance that you will miss an important notification only because you were busy.

Furthermore, it also offers the report feature. So if you have some reports to share with your colleagues, you can share them. Moreover, you can even use white-label reports too.

The best thing about this software tool is that it does not limit the number of competitors. So at one point, it allows you to compare your content with your competitors and at the same time, there is no limit for the number of competitors. So you can add as many competitors as you like.

Furthermore, you can buy a monthly subscription of your choice. You will get various options to choose from.

2 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best keyword rank tracking tools for large businesses. It provides you with highly accurate results and helps you achieve your goals. However, using it for small businesses will be a loss of resources. Therefore, if you are just starting, you should better look for another option.

The best part of ahrefs is its backlink database. Furthermore, they have quite a strong rank tracker too. Therefore, professionals prefer using ahrefs.

In addition to these strengths, it also offers estimated search volume, traditional analytics and even tracks positions. So you will be able to monitor visibility and also traffic.

3 – GrowthBar

GrowthBar is the platform that suits small-scale businesses. So if you have a startup plan or you have started blogging or an agency, GrowthBar is the best option for you. Despite being for small-scale businesses, it provides you with all the features that you will need for SEO.

So with GrowthBar, you will get backlink monitoring, keyword analysis and can even get competitor reports. These reports will help you out in improving your content.

In addition to this, GrowthBar is a pioneer in using the OPenAI GPT-3. Therefore, if you use this, you will have the best AI content creator.

4 – Wincher Rank tracker

The next one on our list is the Wincher. It is also best for starters. This is because it offers quite an easy dashboard. So you won’t have any difficulty in starting the work. However, you should know that it is best suitable for EU-based businesses.

The features that you will get from Wincher include updates daily, ranking alerts and also a comparison with competitors. However, you can only add 10 competitors. Although it seems like a drawback but it is not. Having the limit of adding 10 competitors is also quite good.

5 – Semrush

It won’t be wrong to call it the hottest tool for ran tracking in the market. This is because of the provision of a wide variety of services. As compared to other tools, Semrush offers quite a range of features for its users.

The most notable features include position tracking tools and cannibalization of the nip in the bud. In addition to this, Semrush also offers a volatility sensor that alerts you in case of any change in the algorithm. So you will get all these features and not only the rank tracker.

6 – SerpStat

As the name shows, it offers SERP services. In addition to this, SerpStat is an award-winning tracker. Therefore, you can go with it without any doubt. Furthermore, you will get a text and keyword analysis program. Moreover, you can also prepare custom reports and monitor your competitors with the help of SerpStat. In addition to all this, you will get the feature of analyzing backlinks. Thus, you can get a competitive edge internationally.

7 – LinkResearchTools

And if you want to get rid of any possible penalties? LinkResearchTools is the best option for you. The specialty of LinkResearchTools is its link detox. Thus, you can actually prevent getting caught in penalties. In addition to this, it will also prevent any negative SEO and therefore, you will get organic traffic. Furthermore, it will also monitor the backlinks for you and also the prospect for new links.

8 – Moz

Moz is also one of the favorite keyword rank tracking tools for professionals. It not only tracks your keywords but also assists you in finding new ones. Furthermore, you can make analysis of the performance of your competitors. This will help you achieve better results.

So whether you are getting competition at the local or international level, you can beat it.

The best thing about MOZ is that it offers a 30 day free trial period. And after finishing your trial period, you can buy a monthly or an annual package.

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