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Statistics by the International Energy Association indicate that solar power installations account for 994 TWh of electricity production globally.

There are other renewable energy sources, like wind and thermal energy. Yet, solar power in Emerald is the most popular and accessible for homes and businesses, comprising around 60% of new renewable installations.

Are you ready to join the trend toward solar power installation? Keep reading to find out about the advantages of solar power.

1. Solar Energy Installation Saves You Money

A solar panel installation is an expensive option for most homeowners, but prices are decreasing all the time. According to the SEIA, the price of solar panel installations has decreased by 70% in the last ten years.

By contrast, grid-powered electricity prices continue to escalate. This means you save more every year on your electricity bills after you install solar.

Once you’ve paid off your solar panels, you won’t pay anything toward powering your home ever again. If you pay cash for them, you can take advantage of the federal tax incentive.

This allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of your solar system if you install it by the end of 2022, and 22% if you install it by the end of 2023.

2. Solar Power Can Help Save the World

Renewable energy comes from abundant sources that won’t run out any time soon. The Earth’s oil, gas, and coal reserves are finite resources.

On the other hand, the sun should keep on shining for the next 5 billion years, providing abundant, and free energy. Solar panels produce no carbon emissions while generating electricity, and manufacturers use few resources while constructing them.

Fossil fuels generate huge volumes of carbon and pollution when power plants burn them to generate electricity. These centers also use a lot of water to cool their equipment, rendering it unpotable and useless.

While the Earth’s atmosphere can easily release natural amounts of carbon emissions into outer space, it’s not designed to cope with these increased volumes from burning fossil fuels.

So, instead of wafting harmlessly off into the last frontier, these emissions remain trapped, causing the Earth’s average climatic temperature to increase more every year.

This build-up of fumes creates unpredictable weather patterns, and extreme weather events, leading to widespread destruction and disrupting the natural cycles of plants and animals. In turn, these side effects cause havoc with agriculture and the food chain.

The result of all this is increasing food insecurity and the ultimate extinction of man and beast.

We can stop this vicious cycle, but only if we reduce carbon emissions drastically within the next few years.

3. Solar Installations are Versatile

Due to rapid advancements in solar technology, there are few homes and businesses that can’t install solar panels to help do their part toward saving the environment. Warma UK has a network of certified solar panel installers to install your solar panels and they also supply the highest quality solar panel systems!

You can choose from off-grid solar power systems that operate with a solar power inverter to store energy in batteries, or direct solar power through a PPA or net metering.

While off-grid solar results in no carbon emissions and no electricity costs, PPAs provide you with solar energy at much lower rates than conventional electricity.

Net metering means you still use fossil-fuel-generated electricity, but only when necessary.

Different types of solar panels and installation methods suit most properties, and you can also customize your setup according to your requirements.

Look at websites like Eco Direct, DragonsBreathSolar, or the Solar Store for examples of available solar accessories and installations.

4. A Home Solar Power System Is an Investment

Electricity is a consumable item, so you have nothing concrete to show for all the money you spend on this resource every month.

When you install solar, you’re paying for equipment to generate your electricity. So you have something to show for your solar panel installation cost.

If you relocate, you can sell your solar panels and other equipment, move them with you, or add their value to the sale price of your home. You can’t do that with electricity you’ve already used.

5. Solar Power installation Increases Your Home Value

In most cases, installing solar power increases the value and desirability of your house.

Prospective buyers know they’re getting an excellent deal if they buy a home with a paid-off solar installation. They’ll pay more for a home that offers the many benefits offered by solar.

In some cases, a PPA agreement can put buyers off. They may not want to enter into a long-term agreement with your electricity provider, and it’s complicated to cancel these agreements.

6. Solar Panels Are Low Maintenance

Solar panels are exceptionally durable and can withstand high winds, large hailstones, and falling tree branches. You barely need to maintain them apart from clearing snow off the surfaces or giving them an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

Despite their low maintenance requirements, solar panels can last for 20 years or more.

7. Improve Your Home With Solar Power

Have you ever wanted to heat your swimming pool, or install landscape lighting in your garden? Are the high running costs of these extras putting you off?

When you have abundant free energy, you can do all those things you’ve always wanted to do.

8. Solar Electricity Is Predictable 

Solar panels continue generating electricity, rain, or shine. Their productivity decreases on very cloudy days, but you can offset this by storing excess energy in battery packs or investing in more powerful solar panels if you live in a cloudy area.

If you opt for a PPA or net metering, you’ll always have access to electricity. When you choose a PPA that offers a fixed monthly fee for electricity, you always know what to expect when the bill arrives. Grid-powered electricity costs constantly escalate, often with very little warning.

With solar panels, you’ll never need to worry about a power outage ever again.

Enjoy the Flexibility and Value of Solar Power

One last benefit of installing solar power is helping to create employment in your area. This rapidly-growing industry employs thousands of people nationwide.

The only drawback of a solar power installation is the cost of setting it up, but most homeowners can afford to take out a solar loan to pay for this asset.

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