8 Tips for Buying a New Mobile Phone

Is it time for a smartphone upgrade? As excited as you are to buy a new mobile phone, top brands like Apple, Samsung and Google are giving you more options than you can handle. Questions like “What unit should I buy?” or “Is my budget good enough for this kind of phone?” may have run through your head a couple of times. However challenging it is to choose the right model, rest assured you can find high quality but cheap mobile phones that match your budget.

Here are 8 tips to consider when buying a smartphone:

1) OS Preference

In the world of mobile phones, only two operating systems come to mind: iOS and Android. It is common knowledge that iOS is an exclusive operating system that only Apple users can have access to. Android, on one hand, cuts across a variety of brands from Samsung to Huawei to OPPO and a lot more. This Google-powered mobile OS has a wide reach with a global market share of 72.83% as per recent statistics.

Users have different opinions about iOS and Android. Some users prefer iOS because they have access to trendier apps, while Android users like the fact that they have more hardware choices. Having a clear OS preference narrows down your purchase options to a few units or a specific brand.

2) Budget

For some, price is the least of their concern. That is not the case for all smartphone buyers, however. How much money would you allocate for your next mobile phone purchase? At the very least, set a budget range.

By clearly defining your financial limits, you effectively streamline your smartphone choices. Make a shortlist of high quality and positively reviewed models whose prices correspond with your budget. This will help you decide which among a selection of cheap mobile phones is best for your needs.

3) Dual SIM Capability

Are you one of those people who use different numbers for different functions (i.e. a personal number and a business number)? If so, then a smartphone with dual SIM support is an advantage for you. Not only can you access two numbers under one mobile phone, it is basically a convenient and hassle-free setup. Just like hitting two birds with one stone.

Choosing dual sim phones Australia might take you down the Android route. There are one too many Android phones with this kind of feature. The current design lets you put in two nano-SIM cards and use two numbers simultaneously. Unfortunately if you’re eyeing an Apple unit, only the latest iPhone models have built-in dual SIM capacity. Older models require a complex process where you need to activate an eSIM.

4) Camera Quality

Smartphones have evolved over the years to a point where buyers now prioritise camera quality over processor speed. With phones being so handy and multifunctional, it stands to reason why people would use them as an alternative to digital cameras.

Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of cheap mobile phones with impressive cameras, having at least 12 megapixels. When choosing your phone, be mindful of other features as well such as aperture, image quality, built-in filters, HDR technology, a selfie camera and more.

5) Screen Size

Depending on how you use your phone, screen size may or may not be a big deal. If you often use your phone for gaming, business, video call and movie binge-watching purposes, then a bigger display screen may matter to you. Other users stick to the basics – call, text, email, chat – so screen size is not a prime consideration.

The average standard screen size of most mobile phones is around 4.7 to 6.5 inches. Some Samsung phones have bigger screen sizes like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which exceeds the common standard at 6.9 inches. The biggest display screen under the Samsung brand belongs to Galaxy Z Fold 2. It extends up to 7.6 inches when unfolded.

6) Storage Capacity

Premium mobile phones have a minimum internal storage capacity of 32GB. Storage will easily run out with all the apps and games you download on top of all the high resolution photos and videos on your gallery.

You can opt to buy a phone with 64GB, 128GB, 256GB or 512GB internal memory or expand your storage through cloud features or a microSD. Note that Apple phones do not have microSD slots but you can upgrade your iCloud plan for more space.

7) Battery Life

A smartphone’s battery life can make or break a shopper’s choice. Smart shoppers value longevity and being able to do more things on their phone without worrying about exhausting their battery. Models that run on 5,000 mAh batteries like those from Samsung, Redmi, Asus and Motorola have bigger power packs. They may last an entire day or more after a full charge. Aside from battery power, choose a phone with fast wireless charging capabilities to provide you with long-term convenience.

8) Security Features

Facial recognition, voice detection touch ID, screen lock, and password/PIN code protection – a smartphone with some or all of these security features is your ally and would make for a good buy. Extensive security ensures you are protected against data compromises. Do not forget to backup your smartphone regularly so that you can still access your data following an accidental factory reset or any other fortuitous event.

Be a Smart Shopper

Buying a new mobile phone can be challenging, but a little less so when you identify your priorities and preferences. Whether you prefer dual sim phones Australia or a trendier model, it is important that your choice comes from a place of information.

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