Are you one of those people who spends a lot of time searching online for tips and hacks to make any household maintenance process easier? You’ve more than likely found baking soda to be a common ingredient on many of these lists.

Baking soda is commonly used for everything from baking your favourite chocolate cake to cleaning clogged domestic plumbing infrastructures. Why is this miracle ingredient so handy? Let’s find out!

What is Baking Soda?

Baking soda is more commonly known as sodium bicarbonate or even bicarbonate of soda. In its most common form, this wonder powder is a mineral that’s found in many locations across Africa and America. With its chemically abrasive nature, it can be used for a wide variety of jobs around the house.

The Many Exciting Uses of Baking Soda

There are two types of people in the world. Firstly, there are those that believe that baking soda is the answer to all their household queries. And then there are people who find it hard to believe that one simple pantry ingredient can be so versatile. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should try a few baking soda hacks, our article will change your mind!

1.     Drain Cleaner

Using baking soda as a drain cleaner is one of its more popular uses. By mixing baking soda with that other kitchen miracle, vinegar, you’ll be able to keep your drain clean and smelling fresh!

All you have to do is make a vinegar and baking soda mixture which is then poured down the drain. After 15 minutes, simply rinse it down with boiling water. Doing this at least twice a week will go a long way to preventing clogs. The plumber Hoppers Crossing residents use will thank you for ditching the harsh chemicals!

2.     Carpet Cleaner

Washing your carpets can be a tedious job, especially if you have children and pets. Fortunately, sprinkling baking soda on your carpet is a quick and easy way to get smells and stains out of your carpet. Let it sit for 20 minutes and follow with a good vacuum.

3.     Oven Cleaner

Many people have a bunch of cleaning agents under the sink—a lot of different bottles all made of various harsh chemicals, promising to get your home squeaky clean. Your oven cleaner is no different.

However, oven cleaners can be very harsh and if they’re not rinsed off properly, they can easily be absorbed into food you bake later on. Harsh chemicals can also remove the shine from the inside of your oven space.

Alternatively, you can add a teaspoon or two of baking soda to a damp cloth or sponge and wipe off the grease in your oven and even on the stovetop. For stubborn dirt, let a baking soda mixture sit on the sides of the oven for a few hours.

4.     Clean Your Shower-Curtain

If you have grime or soap scum building up on your shower curtain, you can get them off by rubbing baking soda onto them. Doing this saves you the hassle of having to take the curtains off to clean them.

5.     Baby Clothes Cleanser

A popular plus point of baking soda is that it can serve as a natural cleanser, detergent booster and even fabric softener. That means it’s the perfect product to wash your delicate baby clothes. Simply add one cup of baking soda to your next load of baby laundry and be amazed at how soft and clean they are afterwards.

6.     Cleaning Pots and Pans

If you enjoy cooking then you know what a hassle it can be to keep your pots and pans clean. This can be especially challenging if you have cookware that can easily get damaged by excessive scrubbing.

To clean your pots, pans and other cooking accessories, simply soak them in a baking soda and water solution for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, use a sponge to wipe off the grime and grease. For harsh grease, you may want to add a few drops of dish washing liquid.

7.     Create a Natural Kitchen Scrub

Another top use for a baking soda mixture is cleaning your kitchen counters and tabletops. Simply add some baking soda to your sponge to remove any spills. As a plus, add a few drops of lemon juice or even peppermint essential oil to add a clean fragrance.

8.     Clean Your Coffee Pot

Coffee is a popular drink and many people rely on a trusty coffee pot to get their morning pick-me-up. However, coffee beans can create quite a messy build-up and even leave stains on the inside of your coffee pot.

To keep your coffee pot super clean, mix ¼ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of warm water. Rub the mixture on the inside and outside of your pots and let sit for a few hours. Rinse and voila!

Final Thoughts

Since baking soda is an affordable natural remedy, it’s THE smart ingredient to have in your pantry. You’ll even have the perfect product to keep your oven sparkly clean and smelling fresh from now on!

If you have more tips for home maintenance, don’t forget to share with us!

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