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Having a plumbing contract is crucial to the overall result of the job no matter how small or big the project is. Usually, it’s the plumbing contractor who prepares the contract but in certain instances, a client may also offer one.

For the purpose of this discussion, the plumbing contractor is our point of reference. Generally, to make a plumbing service agreement valid and legal, there are two things you must remember: 1) an offer of one party accepted by the other, and 2) service done is paid at the agreed time.

A 24 hr plumber Melbourne professional may own a small plumbing company wherein they could make the agreement very specific or customise the contract to the job. In any case, it would be best to seek legal advice from a contract lawyer if you prefer to have customised plumbing contracts for your own company.

What is a Plumbing Contract?

Before we proceed to discussing the important points to include, might as well define first what a plumbing contract is. Also called a plumbing service contract, it is a legally binding agreement that stipulates the specific type of work a plumber is expected to render.

Aside from that, the contract also includes details about the scope and depth of the project as well as costs involved. What’s important is that both parties in a plumbing service contract have mutual obligations executable by law. The main purpose of a legally valid contract is to protect both the client and you as the service provider.

What Should Be Included in a Plumbing Contract?

Basically, a legally binding contract must contain the indispensable elements so that it can be executed in court. Although we have mentioned some important elements earlier, a plumbing service contract must include the following essential details:

  1. Names and contact information of the two parties involved
  2. Comprehensive description of the depth and scope of the plumbing job
  3. Complete list of materials to be used
  4. Schedule of payment
  5. Permits and ordinances as required by the state
  6. Insurances
  7. Clean up agreement after the service
  8. Guarantees and warranties to the client
  9. Business invoice template – an accomplished copy is to be presented upon signing.

By ‘accomplished’ it means that the layout is such that the default stock information is replaced with your actual details such as your company’s name and contact details, customer’s name with contact details and some information about your service or products you’re selling.

An invoice is very important for accounting purposes wherein both you and your client are able to monitor all payments made which are verified in the invoice. An advantage to the service provider, you get your payment fast by using an invoice.

Although it is expensive to hire a contract lawyer to write your plumbing contracts, you can be assured of quality and accuracy by doing so.

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