9 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A DUI Attorney 

A drinking under influence or DUI conviction isn’t good for your record because it can affect your career, your relationships, finances, and your overall life. When you get involved in DUI, your car insurance rates will increase, you need to pay fines, and you may spend time in prison. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the best DUI lawyer to stand for your rights and best interest. Take the initial interview as an opportunity to gauge if the lawyer is the right person to handle your case.

Below are some of the questions you can ask before you hire a DUI attorney.  

  • Where Did You Take Law Degree?

This basic question is a warm-up to the succeeding questions. Asking this question can give you an idea of the quality of training the DUI lawyer received, which can, of course, affect your case. You can ask follow-up questions, such as the lawyer’s work experience, to get to know more about them.

At this point, you can start observing the lawyer’s soft skills. Observe how the lawyer answers questions confidently. You can assess the attorney’s communication skills early.

  • Where Do You Practice DUI Law? 

It’s important to hire a lawyer who has been practicing DUI law in your area to ensure you can easily approach and meet as needed. A lawyer who’s always out-of-town or state may not be available right away when you need to talk about your case. 

Of course, you want someone who’ll prioritize your case, so keeping your DUI lawyer close allows you to easily check updates or follow-up. Find out how to choose the best DUI lawyer for you in your area, so check and learn more info here.

9 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A DUI Attorney 

  • How Long Have You Been Practicing DUI Law?

Lawyers are trained to handle any case. But, you need to ensure that you hire someone who has experience and qualifications handling DUI cases to increase your chances of gaining positive outcomes. You can ask follow-up questions concerning how well the lawyer knows your local DUI rules.

  • Who Will Handle My Case?

Law firms consist of different levels of lawyers, depending on their experience, qualifications, and specializations. So, before you make any final decision, it’s important to ask this question to avoid inconvenience and confusion. 

  • Do You Know The Judge Or Prosecutor? 

Lawyers have connections, and they may be familiar with one another if they work in one local area. It’s at your greatest advantage if the DUI lawyer personally knows the prosecutor or judge. Your prospective lawyer knows how these people handle cases, which can help create better strategies in handling your case. 

  • What’s The Possible Outcome Of My Case?

A good lawyer can tell you right away of the possible outcome of your DUI case based on your narration. For instance, your case may not be easily dismissible if you’re caught driving without insurance or someone got injured. Because of the in-depth knowledge of local DUI rules, you lawyer can present all the possible outcomes based on your existing criminal and DUI record.

  • Can You Also Represent Me In DMV?

No matter how you drive safely, accidents may happen if you drive under the influence of liquor or drugs. And, the consequences may also include an administrative case. Choose a lawyer who can represent you before the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV proceedings. 

While the DMV process has nothing to do with driver’s license suspension or your DUI case, having the same lawyer to represent you in your administrative case can save you from time, fees, and effort looking for separate representatives.

  • What’s The Best Way To Get In Touch With You?

Hire a DUI attorney who can offer more flexible communication methods. The more ways to reach your lawyer, the better. Also, ask a follow-up question about the frequency the lawyer provides updates to their clients for your peace of mind. 

  • How Do You Charge Your Clients?

Asking this information is important so you’ll know how much money you must set aside for your legal needs. Will the lawyer charge you for an hourly rate or a flat fee?  How will the lawyer bill you for the hours spent in handling your case for an hourly rate?  Determine what the fee covers for a fixed rate. In addition, determine if there are possible additional costs, such as stamps, copies, and documentations. 


When hiring a DUI attorney, you should request for an initial interview with the lawyer who’ll likely handle your case. This interview is usually free. Take this opportunity to know and gauge the lawyer’s credentials, experience, hard skills, and soft skills. Once you’ve found the best lawyer to represent you, then you’ll have peace of mind that an expert can handle your case confidently with good results.

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