A 2021 Guide to Men's Hair Fashion

While there are a lot of stereotypes about women and hair care, it turns out that men are more attached to their locks than most people think. 90% of men admit to touching up their hair in the mirror at least once each day. Additionally, 60% of men wish that their hair looked healthier while 20% admitted to coveting a friend’s mane.

Caring about men’s hair fashion is nothing to be ashamed of- it’s more common than you think. Read on to get some awesome hairstyle and hair care tips with zero shame.


Undercuts have been extremely popular for men in recent years, and they’re set to continue being en vogue this year. These cuts feature short-shaved hair from the base of the neck to above the ears. Once it hits a point between ears and the forehead- so, basically, the same length as your bangs- it’s swept up into a longer style.

This haircut is an awesome way to showcase your fringe. In 2021, it’s going to be paired with a ton of new looks on top. Some of the best include quiffs and pompadours.

Side Part Hairstyles

Another awesome short hairstyle for men is the side part. While your hair will be cut evenly, the side part makes one side look shorter than the other. Because asymmetry is a staple of both men’s and women’s fashion this year, this cut is super stylish right now.

Best of all, it’s sleek and simple, making it perfect for professional environments. Try wearing a luxury watch on the wrist opposite the longer side of your hair. This will create a classy balance and even out your overall aesthetic.


We talked briefly about a pompadour fringe earlier because they pair with undercuts. However, pompadours are awesome hairstyles in their own right.

Perfect for medium men’s haircuts, you get long hair on the top of your head, specifically as bangs. You then use pomade with an all day hold to create a bulge at the front of your face above the forehead. This creates a long-haired slicked-back look that looks awesome on all men.


Quiffs are fairly similar to pompadours, but they also draw on the side-part trend for a unique look. The bulge that would have been at the front of your forehead on a pompadour curves to the side.

The result is a classic look where one side of the head looks shaved. The bulge then moves in the other direction and puffs up. Make sure that you pomade your hair appropriately once you achieve the style- you don’t want the wind to blow your long side down and have it cover your entire head.

Comb-Over Aesthetics

As we said before, asymmetry is hot in 2021. That’s why comb-over hairstyles have moved from a tool to hide bald spots into one of the most appealing hair trends for men everywhere.

This style works well for both medium and long hair, so you don’t need to cut it to achieve the perfect style. Unlike other uneven cuts on this list, you won’t have a shaved look anywhere on your head, either. If you don’t want to blot out the luscious volume of your manly hair, this is the perfect way to go.

Effortlessly Disheveled Styles

While you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, everyone likes a casually rumpled look in social settings. These styles showcase the texture of thicker and more voluminous hair, but you can also use them for thin hair as long as you use a volume-adding product.

Right after you shower, comb your fingers through your hair to create small waves. You then have two options: letting it air dry or applying hairspray to keep a consistent appearance all day. While the former gives you a more natural appearance, the latter tends to work better for the sake of holding the look all day.

Long and Wavy Hair

Lots of men in 2021 are rocking long hair, which is an especially awesome choice for those who want to show off a voluminous mane. While you probably don’t want to take a straightening iron to it, making it wavy? Amazing choice.

Beach waves are in style for both genders this year, so let your hair air dry after washing it. You can also apply some sea salt spray to make your hair look like you just climbed out of your ocean. This is truly the way to channel your inner surfer dude, so rock the look in all informal places!

Man Buns and Ponytails

If you love your long waves, you may be at a loss for what to do with it in professional workplace settings. Luckily, you have two awesome options open to you- buns and ponytails.

Make sure that you blow out your hair straight and tightly put it up into a high ponytail. You can stop there if you want, but you also can put it up into a bun. Tie the ponytail once around your fingers and secure it with pins or a high-end hair clip.

Half-Up Ponys

Some men like the idea of putting their long hair up but still want to showcase its length and volume. If this describes you, a half-up look might be the right choice. Take the back layer or two of your hair and tie them up into a small, high ponytail.

The rest of your medium-to-long hair will hang down to your neck or shoulders. This keeps your hair out of your face while still showing how cool your lion’s mane looks.

Beyond Men’s Hair Fashion

Now that you know some of the best men’s hair fashion tips for 2021, it’s time to learn more about looking your best. Check out the ‘fashion’ tab on our home page for some ideas on what outfits to wear based on your hair’s style and length.

You also can browse our site for men’s lifestyle tips. We have articles about both social and professional styles and scenarios, so what are you waiting for? Start browsing!

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