A Beginners Guide To The Super Bowl

For many, the Super Bowl is one of the most important annual events in the sporting agenda. It is widely known as a highly influential event that allows superstar athletes and professional sportsmen to compete against each other for the title of the best of the best at the end. 

Ever since it began, the Super Bowl was a huge part of sports culture to fans of the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL) alike. This is a quick guide into the Super Bowl complete with its origins and key positions to be aware of. 

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In itself, the Super Bowl gets its name from the venue and its appearance, but it was originally known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. These leagues were historically some of the most successful in the world, and it seemed like an obvious decision in 1967 to have the top teams from each league playing against each other. 

The catchier name of the Super Bowl was believed to come from Kansas City Chiefs’ owner Lamar Hunt. His daughter played with a toy known as a “super ball”, and the adaptation became well known shortly after. 


Another key thing to understand about the Super Bowl is that there are some major positions that act as guidelines for each players’ roles within the game. Quarterbacks are widely considered to be the most important positions, because they are the leader of the offense. They need to be well-rounded athletes who are capable of precision and accuracy, as they will throw the highest amount of forward passes on a typical game. 

The quarterback is, however, less useful without a running back. Running backs are required to receive the ball from the quarterback, and block attacks from the opposing team. Other roles on the field include tight ends, who can run into the field to catch passes, but they also need to help block for the quarterback and running backs. 

How To Watch 

Thanks to the immense media coverage that modern sports sees nowadays, there are a range of options to choose from when it comes to watching the Super Bowl. Of course, you can purchase tickets to see the intense games in person, which is a key bucket list item for many. 

Other options include streaming platforms and watching the Super Bowl on TV. Depending on your supplier, you can check the schedule for the latest games and aim to watch the Super Bowl on NBC, FOX, or CBS. However, there are many more options available online to choose from. 


At the end of the Super Bowl, the winning team are highly celebrated. The owner of the team is presented with the Lombardi Trophy, which they can keep safe at their training base. In addition to this, each player receives a Super Bowl ring, which acts as a collectable memento to symbolize their career success. 

Small scale versions of the Lombardi Trophy are also given to each member of the winning team, which they are able to take home with them at the end of their Super Bowl victory. 


There is an enormous amount of rich history and impressive athletes that the Super Bowl has seen in its fifty years of existence. This guide has only begun to touch the surface of the range of events that led the Super Bowl to where it is today. 

From outstanding athletes, to key records and achievements, the Super Bowl would not be as significant as it is today without the huge amount of support from fans. 

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