A Brief Glance Whitelabel Blockchain Explorer

You might be well-versed in the information that a blockchain is a public ledger of transactions. The technology stores immutable, transparent, and secure data without central oversight. Ever wondered how to view those transactions on the network? Well, you already have the answer here! Blockchain explorer does the job for you. 

For those wishing to gain comfort in using a Whitelabel Blockchain Explorer and fully understand its function, here’s a blog to usher you through the site. This blog will act as a digital guide for beginners and power users to understand the purpose of Whitelabel Blockchain Explorer and how to use one. 

What’s Whitelabel Blockchain Explorer?  

Starting off with the general definition, “Blockchain explorer can be explained as a search engine best suited for acquiring information, especially on the blockchain network.” This online blockchain browser helps you view transaction history and find specific details. These details may include the transaction amount, the sender, the receiver, and the status of various transactions. 

Besides blockchain explorers, other applications also exist in space, such as Blockchair, Tokenview, and Etherscan. While some are used on multiple networks, others are specific to a single network. For example, a Bitcoin block explorer will find the information only when the funds are sent/received from the Bitcoin network. 

However, Whitelabel Blockchain explorer’s work algorithm differs from the traditional search engine. Let’s have a clear insight into it in the next section of our blog. 

How does Whitelabel Blockchain Explorer function? 

The browser allows us to access any data related to transactions, wallets, and blockchains. Therefore, it involves several technical steps to achieve the outcome. 

The software utilizes application programming interfaces (API), rational databases, and SQL databases to extract information from a network. All the information gathered is organized and displayed in a searchable format. 

Later, it creates a web page through which it interacts with the users. Soon after a search request occurs, the user interface and API send web pages in HTML format for users to easily understand the results. 

What features define Whitelabel Blockchain Explorer the best? 

Till now, you only learned the basic functions of the blockchain explorer. Are they only limited to allowing users to search and explore recently occurred transactions on the blockchain? The answer is no. 

Whitelabel Blockchain Explorers go beyond with so many other features and offerings. These are: 

  • Offers an improved level of transparency through smart contract addresses. They help users check balances and expenditures. 
  • Enables tracking, verification and validation of a wallet address easily.
  • Allows users to check the receiving address and owners to check the wallet balances instantly. 
  • Notifies the unconfirmed transaction and helps find out the setbacks in the confirmation process. 

Besides this, explorers also identify mining pools, block heights, orphaned blocks, and genesis blocks. All these quality features help blockchain explorers serve in the efficient management of blockchain. 

End Thoughts

Concluding today’s discussion, blockchain explorers are the best tools to know everything about blockchain functionalities. Learning more about the explorers is essential to identify their potential for openness and transparency. 

The fact that the Whitelabel Blockchain Explorers offer the easiest way to navigate through the world of blockchain makes it ideal for every aspiring blockchain enthusiast. 

So what are you waiting for? Take over the reign of blockchain with blockchain explorers and master the technology now!


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