A Brief Guide to Spousal Support

No one comes out of a divorce proceeding ahead. Both parties experience a loss of support in so many ways. This loss gets experienced in a physical, mental, emotional, and financial way.

Studies show one major difference between the genders, though. Males tend to bear the biggest strain of divorce in a short-term way. Females tend to experience chronic losses after a divorce.

These initial findings are why courts started a spousal support system after divorce.

With financial support, the long-term impacts of a divorce get reduced. Read on to learn more about spousal support and how it applies in the 21st century.

Alimony: A Brief History

As explained above, historical gender roles contributed to the creation of spousal support. In a traditional family, women stayed at home while men worked for an income. This dynamic made it difficult for women to seek out divorce or share power in a relationship.

In the event of a divorce, alimony provided money to the female spouse. This would help them seek out housing, an education, and a career. Once that spouse was in a position to support themselves, spousal support ended.

What Does Spousal Support Mean in 2021?

Does this type of spousal support system seem sexist to you? In practice, it may be, but there’s nothing inherently sexist about spousal support.

If applied in a fair manner, spousal support is still a great solution after divorce in 2021. Why?

When a couple (regardless of sex) starts a family, one parent must sacrifice their career goals. Someone has to spend time raising the youngsters and tending to the home. Regardless if that person is male or female, they’re sacrificing their earning potential.

If the relationship fails, they deserve support.

How to Get Spousal Support After a Divorce

Are you currently getting a divorce? Are you wondering how to get alimony? Your first step is to consider your situation. Did you make financial sacrifices throughout the marriage?

If so, it’s time to research the cost of a divorce lawyer.

A quality attorney will help guide you through the process of seeking out support. They’ll let you know how much you’re eligible to seek out and how to get started.

Do You Need Legal Support?

At first glance, spousal support may appear outdated. It’s far from that, though!

If courts start applying spousal support as it should be, then more men will enjoy the benefits of it. When applied in an equal and fair manner, spousal support exudes justice.

Are you currently afraid of getting a divorce due to your financial vulnerability? If so, then a good divorce lawyer can help you understand your rights to spousal support. Reach out to an attorney in your area now to get more information.

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