A Brief Introduction to Motorcycle Club Patches

Did you know that motorcycle ownership has grown by more than 75% since 1997? The feeling of being on a motorcycle is akin to that of being a modern-day cowboy. It’s a feeling of pure freedom.

It’s no wonder more people find themselves appreciating motorcycles and joining bike clubs. Motorcycle clubs are a great way to find unity with people who appreciate the hobby. Furthermore, these clubs are the source of some iconic fashion pieces.

A leather jacket is the union of fashion, safety, and the graphic design of motorcycle patches. However, the world of bike clubs can be a bit alien, with specific rules and etiquette surrounding patches.

So if you’re looking to pick up some new embroidered patches for your jacket, make sure to read this quick guide first to make sure you’re not stepping on any toes!

Types of Club Patches

There are several different styles of patches that declare affiliation with motorcycle clubs.

The one-piece back patch is a large logo, sometimes accompanied by the name and/or territory of the club. These generally represent a social club, like a family club or a riding club.

A two-piece back patch signifies a club member in a transition state. It indicates that they’re awaiting approval to become a member of the club. If the member is approved, the two-piece patch is replaced with a three-piece patch.

A three-piece patch symbolizes a full member of a traditional club or even an outlaw club. The top portion of the patch will read the name of the club, while the bottom will show the territory. In the middle is the logo of the club.

Club Patch Etiquette

Before donning a patch, remember that these patches symbolize commitment and association to specific clubs. Each club will have different traditions.

Most clubs are easy to join, and if you’re a member it’s easy to ask for guidance when getting your patches. It’s best to check with the club before donning their patch, as some are more strict than others.

For example, some biker club rules allow riders to wear their patches outside club territory, but not in other club areas.

Also, remember not to touch another member’s patches without permission. It takes time and effort to earn most patches, they’re not just decoration. Some might even have a family history attached to them.

Other Motorcycle Patches

If you’re more of a solo rider with no interest in joining biker clubs, there are many options for custom biker patches and icons to add to your jacket.

Some common symbols include an M, for marijuana. An ace of spades symbolizes the rider’s willingness to fight for his gang or for his country.

A wing patch symbolizes an accomplishment within the group. A skull and crossbones signify that the rider escaped a near-death experience.

A set of patches completes your look as a rider and shows your commitment as a club member. It’s easy to order them online through a site like patches4less.com to start building your collection.

Start Your Collection

Hopefully, now that you have a bit of guidance, you’ll be able to start assembling a selection of motorcycle patches! Whether you’re a solo rider or a devoted club member, you can create an iconic and graphic look.

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