A Guide on Buying the Best High-Quality Military Ribbons

Military ribbons are typically worn during events in which it may be inappropriate to wear the actual medals, a clone of some sort that is used to keep your original medals safe and sound without you having to worry that you lose them. Since you have to make sure that they are a good representation of the real thing, you have to make sure they are of the best quality, and in this guide, we will be giving you the guide of things to look out for when ordering high-quality military ribbons and even official thin ribbons for your next event.

Size Matters!

When ordering high-quality military ribbons, you have to make sure that the size of the ribbon you order is accurate and matches the official medal. It is highly recommended that you get the size, aspect ratio, and dimensions of your official medals accurately and then match them with the military ribbons that you are going to be ordering. There is nothing to lose if you measure your medal and ribbons to make sure they match, it is noticeable if the size is off or if the medal is built differently altogether.

Use shops that let you build your own!

There are countless shops online where you can order high-quality ribbons, make sure you stick to the shops that allow you to build your own so that you can make sure that the accuracy of your military ribbon is really there. You can also check based on the reviews of the site, on the quality of their medals or if there are any complaints about the orders of previous customers. On websites and shops that allow you to build your own military ribbons, you can make sure that each medal is in order. Also, you can choose which branch of the military you are representing on these sites to avoid mix-ups and confusion due to your ribbons.

Color accuracy matters!

Making sure that the colors of your military ribbon are accurate and match the original is essential. The depth of the colors and the quality of the color of the ribbon itself is essential. Make sure to get a side-by-side comparison with your original ribbon so that you can see if the colors may seem too light, or too dark in any way. The colors should really match in every way so that you can avoid giving off the impression of fake medals or mismatched colors. Invest in good quality and never worry about being called out for your military ribbons not matching the official colors.


Since you will be wearing this ribbon for multiple events, you have to make sure that it can last and won’t end up falling off your uniform in the middle of an event. Inspect the quality of the ribbons you will be ordering so that you can avoid dealing with awkward and inconvenient moments like your medal falling off while you are representing your branch of the military in a big event.


The lifespan of your ribbon is important as well, and by this, you will have to check and ask the makers when the colors begin to fade from the ribbon, or when the pins need to be replaced. If the ribbon you are ordering involves maintenance of any kind, make sure to follow that routine in order to keep it looking fresh at all times.

So now that you know which factors to check when ordering your next high-quality military ribbon, make sure that you only get the best of the best so that you can represent your branch with pride!

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