A Guide On How To Study MBBS in the Philippines

For most Indian students, studying MBBS abroad can be a lengthy and complicated process. There are many factors to consider before making an informed and sure decision.

An MBBS in the Philippines is a wonderful opportunity for Indian students as it is an English-speaking country that is not as expensive as the rest. Studying here can create great opportunities for medicine.

All the Universities or colleges in the country are approved by The National Medical Commission and are also recognized by WHO. The students who graduate from such universities are in high demand in the US and are eligible to work there, provided they pass the licensing examination, the USMLE- United States Medical Licensing Examination.

Why Pick Philippines

There are many reasons why Indian students consider an MBBS in the Philippines. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. The climate of the Philippines is very similar to that of India, being a coastal region. Students find it very comfortable to get suited to the climate and environment.
  2. The medium of communication even in universities is primarily English, helping negate the language barrier.
  3. Medical universities are highly recognized by both the Philippines and the USA. The professors and eminent doctors who instruct students are also extremely experienced and credible.
  4. The country has a brilliant array of veg and non-veg food that is more suited to the Indian palette. Indian students find adjusting to the food in this country easier than most.
  5. The cost of education and living is extremely affordable in this country. This is massive upgrade students are receiving for the high-quality education they receive.
  6. There are no donations that are accepted by these universities. Students will have to get admissions solely based on their merit and their performance in entrance exams.
  7. The environment in the country is extremely safe for students, and the country is not very accepting of racism.

How to Pursue MBBS in the Philippines?

While pursuing an MBBS in a country like the Philippines can open up a world of possibilities for you, there are some steps you must take to pursue an MD/MBBS in the Philippines.

The undergraduate medical program in the Philippines is divided into two courses.

The first is a BS course, which is a pre-medical or foundation course. Depending on the college or university, this course will last anywhere from 10 months to two years.

With the above credentials, you will be eligible to enroll in the Bachelor of Science (BS) program right away. However, after completing the BS, you must take the NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) to be considered for admission to the MD program (Doctor of Medicine).

Even if you don’t take the NMAT test, some universities allow you to enroll in the MD program after completing the BS program. However, you can only receive an MD degree if you pass the NMAT exam with a minimum score of 40 percent. As a result, this exam will be required sooner or later to obtain an MD degree in the Philippines.

Eligibility criteria

Students above the age of 18 years on or before 31st December of the year of admission are eligible to apply for Universities in the Philippines. Candidates are encouraged to look into different universities and what their eligibility criteria entail.

The candidates must have detailed admission letters to apply for universities. Candidates are advised to follow a step-by-step procedure to avoid any mistakes. These are as follows:

Step 1: The candidates are required to fill up Application Forms to the University they wish to apply to. These forms are easily available in the administrative offices of the university and also on the Student Portal of the official website.

Step 2: The candidates need to enquire what documents they will need to complete the application process. Before submitting the admission letter, a thorough check of if all documents are in order is necessary.

Step 3: In a few days post submitting your Admission letters, the university will send you a confirmation mail or email confirming that your letter and documents have arrived. If everything checks out, you will shortly receive an acceptance letter as well.

Step 4: On arrival of an acceptance letter, the necessary fees must be paid to the university.

Step 5: The students must sort their visas much earlier than the start of their academic year. Indians must visit the Embassy of the Philippines in India to enquire and carry out the process of acquiring a student visa.

If you’re considering studying MBBS in the Philippines, the above information can act as a guide to ensure you know what to research. The earlier you get started, the lesser hiccups you will come across, so waste no more time and get started today!

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