A Guide To The Importance Of Using A Fly Sheet

People love to own pets but owning a horse, that’s something that makes you feel grand and elegant. Horses are beautiful creatures and they certainly perform a lot of functions. Remember those times when cars weren’t invented? Well, you might not remember it but your ancestors certainly would! Those were the days when horses were kind of the main means of transport. In many parts of the world, people still travel on horseback. They do so much for human beings so it is only fair you do a little favour to them and buy a good quality HKM-Fly Sheet-Bee to spare them of the constant annoyance bees and bugs offer. Imagine that you’re enjoying a fun picnic out with your friends or family on a lovely sunny day but suddenly there comes a bee who can’t stop buzzing around you. How do you feel? Annoyed right? Well, why would you assume the situation would be any different for your horse? Do them a favour and get them a fly sheet right now. If you’re having trouble understanding the need for a fly sheet for your horse, this guide will make you aware of its importance.

What is a fly sheet?

A fly sheet refers to a piece of sheet or cloth used to cover the back of a horse so that bugs, bees, and other insects can stay away from the horse. During summertime and spring, flies and other insects get quite prevalent. It’s annoying not only for you but for your horse as well. However, they not only cause annoyance or leave painful bites, but they can also be harmful and lead your horse to develop a life-threatening disease. Therefore, using a flysheet is essential. The HKM-Fly Sheet-Ladybug is a great way to spare this situation for your house.

Importance of a flysheet

Here are some of the reasons why a flysheet is crucial for your horse.

  • A fly sheet acts as a physical barrier. It protects your horse from flies and insects. Using a fly sheet enables your horse to avoid getting bites from bugs and insects. The flysheet is made of fabric and this can be used to stop the insects from biting the horse. Many fly sheets like HKM-Fly Sheet -Zebra- with neck are insect repellent which can be a great choice to protect your horse.
  • The sunny weather makes everyone cheerful. Why should it be any different for your horse? Allow your horse to enjoy the sunny weather and spring without having to suffer the bites and irritation of flies and insects. Use a fly sheet to keep the insects away and allow your horse to have some fun in the sun. Don’t forget that roaming around in the scorching sun also means that your horse will be exposed to sunburns and other effects. Using a good quality HKM-Saddle Pad-Golden Gate Bit can also protect your horse from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Sun bleaching is extremely dangerous for your horse even though it may not always be visible. It can lead your horse to develop skin cancer potentially when they are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun for a prolonged period. Sunburns also have the tendency to be painful due to which, it is essential to give them protection to a flysheet.

Things to consider

There are certain things you need to consider when you are buying a fly sheet for your horse which are as follows.

  • Ensure that you buy a HKM-Fly Sheet-Bee that can reach out to the neck of your house so that you can give it increased protection from the sun. This will give them maximum protection and coverage.
  • You must also ensure that the flysheet you are buying is comfortable for your horse. Check the material that was used to make the flysheet so that you can be sure that the material can be used for your horse’s skin with ease and comfort.
  • You also need to ensure that the material used to make HKM-Fly Sheet-Ladybug is repellent so that it can drive away bugs and other insects effectively.

These are some essential factors you need to consider when you’re buying and using a fly sheet for your horse.

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