Where to Safely Travel to This Summer

Barcelona is an amazing city. The amalgamation of culture, history, art, and tasty food make the viajes of Barcelona city an absolute delight for its every visitor. Or you may even say that even after several visits, there will always be something new and interesting to explore in the city. You will never get tired of wandering on the roads; it doesn’t matter if you are in seek of your next sangria or pot of paella!

Here we are rounding up the few must things to do for everyone who viajes a Barcelona and yet to experience the ecstatic of this amazing Spanish city. So, for now, you can sit back and enjoy this list!

  • Viajes to Barcelona for Sagrada Familia:

We also know the Basílica de la Sagrada Família with the name of sagrada familia. This Gaudí masterpiece is breathtaking from the outside, but the interior is where things get spectacular. With colorful shanks of light coming through the windows and geometric designs, the views are astonishing for the visitors. This place is one on the list that is so worthy of waiting.

  • Marvel at Santa Maria del Mar:

Maria del Mar is another must-visit church famous for the sheer amount of labor used to create this massive masterpiece. Each gibber stone used in the making of this church was carried from the countryside by common civilians. And once you see the outcome, you must be wondering how something so stunning could be constructed from boulder stones.

Whenever you Travel Barcelona and visit this church, you should see this original masterpiece structure that has been there since 1383.

  • Visit at Camp Nou:

If you are a football fan, then you must not miss out on a tour of Barcelona’s most famous Football stadium, Camp Nou! This stadium can accommodate more people than any other stadium situated in whole Europe. It is a well-known home to some of the incredible players in the history of the Spanish league.

A tour of Camp Nou cannot be complete without a visit to the FC Barcelona museum. You can also roam around the stadium, have a look at the player’s changing rooms, the pitch tunnel, the stadium’s commentary boxes, TV studio, and more!

  • Take an excursion on Las Ramblas:

La Rambla street present in the center of Barcelona. Las Ramblas is a giant pedestrian walking track. It is the most popular street in all of Barcelona. It is best known for its towering shadowy trees lining the route, brilliant street performers, and terraces to grab a perfect meal or coffee. If you continue your walk down Las Ramblas, you will reach the Columbus monument. From there, you will be able to enjoy wide-ranging views of the whole of Barcelona and the seaside.

A sentence from a cautious traveler about roaming around in this area of Barcelona is, be extra careful towards your belongings and keep them close to your body! Las Ramblas is also a place for pickpockets.

  • Pamper yourself with Churros and Chocolate:

To explore and wander such an amazing place, you have to be extra energetic. Churros is an easily distinguishable long strips dessert. It is a famous Spanish delicacy, and you find it at its best in cute little cafes in the Gothic Quarter. You may taste them with an outside table setup while watching the people wandering around the city. Churros with lip-smacking dense dipping chocolate sauce is a better way to expend a lazy afternoon in the sunshine of Barcelona.

  • Enjoy attending a Cooking Class

Spanish food is amazing, so if you want to recreate its tasty cuisine at home, we recommend checking out loads of options for attending cooking classes in Barcelona, where you can enjoy handling your inner chef confidently.

  • Feast on a Food Tour:

If you viajes a Barcelona and cooking does not come on your interest’s list, eating is then taking a food tour to enjoy some of the best cuisines of Barcelona!

There are several food tours to select from; all offer a different experience to the visitors. Whether you would like to go to markets with a qualified chef, try tapas by candlelight, there are a hundred different food tours for you. It’s surely the best way to explore the food scene of Barcelona!

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