How To Pick The Best Showers For Your Bathroom: A Small Guide

If your bathroom doesn’t feel like your own personal oasis, it’s time for a bathroom remodel. Change up your master bathroom design to make it suit your personal aesthetic so you can give yourself relaxing at-home spa days whenever you’d like.

But how are you going to change it? What renovations do you need to make your bathroom feel perfect? We’re here to give you some master bathroom ideas.

Keep reading for our top ideas for your custom master bathroom.

1. A Roomy Bathtub

If you’re someone who loves to sit back and relax in the tub after a long day, why not remodel your bathroom with a new and improved tub? Give yourself space to stretch out and surround yourself with bubbles so you can rinse your stressful day away.

If you have (or can make) the room for it, we recommend a jacuzzi-style bathtub just for your relaxation sessions. Add shelving nearby so you have access to your books, snacks, drinks, or anything else that you’ll need to give yourself a pampering session.

To maximize space, a corner tub is a great option. You should still be able to leave room for a shower so you can rinse off before or after your bath (or have a quick rinse before work or school) and there should be plenty of space for your other plumbing and storage needs.

2. Plenty of Subtle Storage

One of the biggest frustrations for homeowners when it comes to their bathrooms is a lack of storage. One small linen closet and a medicine cabinet can’t provide enough space for all of your items.

When you do a complete bathroom remodel, you have the opportunity to increase your storage space even if you don’t have room to make your bathroom larger.

Start with cabinets. While wall cabinets are more popular in kitchens than bathrooms, they’re great for anyone who needs extra room for toiletries and plush towels. You also won’t need to make space for a whole new closet.

When it comes to the space underneath your sink, make it storage-friendly by dividing it with shelves. While this will technically give you less room, it will give you more usable room because you won’t be stacking items on top of each other.

If possible, consider adding some built-ins. Building shelving into the wall will allow you more room to put things without adding bulk or taking up space.

3. Minimal and Contemporary 

Minimalist bathrooms are in right now, and for good reason. They’re stylish, easy to clean, and easy to decorate with their mostly-monochrome aesthetic.

When it comes to having a truly minimalist bathroom, we love the idea of a standalone tub right in front of the window (with a curtain or fogged window film, of course).

A plain, white, bowl-shaped tub works well surrounded by fresh greenery. Place a small table or cart nearby for easy access to all of your bath-related needs.

Keep in mind that this is best for a large bathroom remodel. A minimalist bathroom in this style requires a lot of space to be functional.

4. A Rainy Shower

If you want to upgrade your shower, there’s nothing more luxurious than a rain showerhead. It will make every shower an experience.

Upgrade your entire shower by making it a walk-in space with plenty of room. We recommend doubling the size of a conventional walk-in shower if you have the ability to do so within the constraints of your home.

Again, fresh green plants make great additions to this upgrade. The steam should keep them healthy as long as they’re not too close to the scalding hot water. This is going to give you a “rainforest” experience.

Pick a showerhead that’s wide and that can, if possible, hang in the center of your shower.

5. More Mirrors 

There’s no such thing as too many mirrors in a bathroom. When you check out bathroom remodeling here, ask about strategic places to add more reflective surfaces.

This is great if you have a small master bathroom that you’re unable to expand. Mirrors make rooms look larger, especially if you have a natural light source in the bathroom.

Mirrors are also great for elevating your lighting. Whether you’re having a warm candlelit bath or you need a lot of light to apply your makeup in the morning, the mirrors will enhance it.

While you could do a full-wall mirror, it’s a better idea to have several mirrors that can all bounce light off of each other. Make sure to have at least one full-length mirror so you can check your outfit before work or school!

6. A Classic Vanity for Two

If you share your master bathroom with a partner, you know that mornings and evenings can be frustrating when you’re both getting up and winding down. While taking turns is always a valid option, it might be time to turn your single vanity into a vanity that can suit both of you.

“His and hers” sinks (regardless of your gender) are great for this. Each person has their own space to brush their teeth, fix their hair, and so on without getting in anyone else’s way.

Underneath the sinks, make sure that each person has their own set of drawers for non-shared personal items.

This is a great way to avoid morning and evening disputes over who gets to use the bathroom first.

How Will You Enhance Your Master Bathroom Design?

Mix and match these master bathroom design ideas to create your perfect bathroom oasis. Whether you’re maximizing storage, giving yourself a relaxing bath, or adding extra space to your vanity, all of these upgrades will make your bathroom feel more luxurious.

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