A Non-negotiator’s Guide To Develop Fail-proof Negotiation Skills

To survive in the cut-through competitive world, having some basic skills is essential. One such skill is negotiation.

Having good negotiation skills gives you an upper hand in almost every situation, more so if you hail from the corporate world. 

Being from the business world mandates you to sit at the negotiation table and represent your organization. All the eyes are set on you, and your organization expects you to walk out with dignity and a favorably closed deal. 

But negotiation does not come easy. It is an extremely useful skill that requires time to hone. However, with some practice and these tips, you can develop good negotiation skills. Read further to know how. 

Know the other side of the table

Every person who sits at a negotiation table has their own persona, perceptions, and instincts. If you have an understanding of personality types, learning negotiation will become a cakewalk for you. 

When you know who the opponent is, what they want from the deal, or how they perceive your views, it gets easy to put your stance in a way that could derive a favorable response. Moreover, you get a chance to align your answers, arguments, or ideas with them, carving your path to a successful deal. 

If you are dealing with an instinctive person, don’t waste your time in researching or gathering information. Focus on making them see what’s good for them in the deal. If you are negotiating with someone analytical, ensure that you have all the facts, figures, and related information fed in your mind. 

Learn to focus on the issue 

It is not uncommon for big deals to fall flat just because the discussion deviated from the actual subject. One way to win the negotiation is by maintaining a problem-solving attitude throughout the discussion. 

Shifting your focus on other factors can create difficult situations. Hence, to be a good negotiator, keep your focus on the issue. Overlook any unintentional rude remarks or behavior of the opposite party. 

Listen more 

Good listeners make for good negotiators. By listening carefully, you train yourself to thrive in any difficult situation. 

Try to keep mum until it is extremely necessary to interject. Also, keep your mind from thinking hard about what you are going to say next. Listen to what the other party has to say and articulate the response. 

Take negotiation training 

Negotiation skills are essential to survive in the corporate world. Consider taking formal training to learn the skills. Trained negotiation instructors can transform any non-negotiator into a skilled negotiator. Instead of telling how to respond to a certain situation, they round up the training by focusing on all the aspects of negotiation skills. 

Enroll in a training program and learn the basic theories and concepts of negotiation. Implement their concepts in practice. 

Practice negotiation exercises 

Becoming an effortless negotiator requires patience, time, and practice. Merely enrolling in a negotiation training program won’t help you unless you practice what has been taught. Instead of mugging up the theories, implement the practices in your regular life. 

As part of your negotiation exercises, try the strategies with your family and friends. Keep applying them in every situation until they come naturally to you. 

Learn from your mistakes 

Even skilled negotiators make mistakes. Instead of brooding over your mistakes, learn from them. Take your flaws into account and figure out what’s going wrong. Once you learn to recognize your mistakes, you won’t repeat them. 

The bottom line 

You cannot become a good negotiator overnight. Give some time and effort and implement all these tips in your practice, and you will see yourself becoming a better negotiator by the day. 

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