You met the woman of your dreams, the one that makes you feel the happiest man alive. And now, a significant moment to declare your feelings has arrived. What’s left is to come up with the right way to do it: choose the proposal that reflects your relationship in its truest characterises you as a couple. Luckily, we know a place full of extraordinary ideas. There are tons of invigorating and refreshing scripts on the Internet; however, it might take you a while to come across something useful. To spare your efforts, we’ve published a list of 10 best ways to propose to a girl. We drew our inspiration from the esteemed Style Vanity blog, which keeps ahead of all wedding trends. Let’s take a look and find you a worthy option:


Ferris Wheel

If you are frequent visitors to amusement parks, use it to your advantage. Now, many attractions can serve as a setting for the big question, but we recommend you opt for a Ferris wheel. Imagine the two of you swiftly lifting to the highest altitude and beholding breathtaking panoramic views, the intimate atmosphere in the air and the moment belonging solemnly to you. While she observes the sparkly city lights, you pull out a tiny box, drop to your knees and see a genuine surprise mixed with tears of joy. You may even ask the conductor to hold your cabin at the pick for a little longer. Pro tip: hide a bottle of champagne in your jacket sleeve and toast to the newly formed union.

Pop-up Skating Rinks

Winter is the most magical season, so why not steal a bit of that magic for yourselves? Devise a picturesque route, and take your honey for a romantic walk under the snowfall. Buy her favourite hot beverage and suggest going ice-skating.

P.S.: Book the whole rink in advance, ask the D.J. to play her most beloved compositions and swirl her in a dance.

A Man in a Diving Suit

Fire the question in an aquarium. Subdued lighting, soothing soundtracks and altering water reflections predispose to romantic gestures. Instead of dropping to your knee, have the diver hold up the ‘’Name, will you marry name?’’ sign inside one of the tanks.

Rain or Shine- You’ll Be Mine

Embrace the rain. Many grooms-to-be check weather conditions for the marked date. As a rule, they are looking for a cloudless sunny day. However, you can do things differently. Does your partner enjoy strolling under the summer rain? If so, you’ve found the perfect variant. Go out, take cover from a heavy shower under the large umbrella, breathe in the fresh air, savour the rhythmic melody of water drops and take a minute to appreciate the beauty of empty streets. Afterwards, take your better half to some cosy place to warm up. Make arrangements with the manager beforehand. Ask them to set up a dinner table for a particular hour and purchase a cocktail dress for her and a suit for yourself to change up from wet clothes. Let the waiter bring your partner a cup of coffee with the coveted phrase written in foam.

A Cake to Remember

So, your partner has a sweet tooth? In this case, prepare a delicious treat for her. Order a custom cake with the ‘’will you marry me, name’’ question glazed upon the top. Ask the confectioner to place it on the bakery’s window. Take your spouse shopping and ‘’stumble upon’’ the sugary creation. Nothing tastes better than a ‘’yes’’ from your one and only.

I Love Thee

If performing arts are your cup of tea, by all means, go to the theatre and see if you can get your proposal incorporated into a curtain call. For a more engaging experience, check out interactive shows where you can twist the plot however you like. The other ‘’actors will play along, and you’ll get an original, unexpected ending.

At Home

Starry sky

Decorate the ceiling of your bedroom with dark-star stickers spelling out the desired words, put a festive cloth on a table, cook a lovely dinner with her favourite meals and place the candles around your room. Once your sweetheart returns from work, turn the lamps off, put a blindfold on her eyes and gently lead her towards the glowing wonder.

Power of the Words

If your partner is a fan of literature and devours books in a matter of seconds, you can conceal the engagement ring in her favourite series or buy a customised book that describes your love story and has a small compartment for the band. Make her a «playful» breakfast in bed. There are numerous creative pancake recipes, so select one to your liking. Once she finishes the yummy meal, present her with a book and wait to open it. As soon as she lifts her eyes, get down to your knee. To celebrate the occasion, bring a bottle of alcohol right after hearing the desired «yes».

The Path You’ve Taken

While your future fiancée is busy window shopping with her friends, take your time to adorn the apartment. Hang the velvet string across all rooms, and tie sentimental photos and little notes to it. Attach a tiny box with a glittering diamond at the end of this hand-made memory lane. After your partner arrives, put on some music and watch her rediscover the joyful moments you’ve shared.

Trivia Quizzes, Escape Rooms and Boards Games- Add a Fun Component

If you are the kind of couple who enjoys spending their Friday evenings with friends fighting the dragons or solving mysteries, you can ask for your partner’s hand during the game. Surely, it won’t feel as pompous and glamorous as popping a question on a yacht, but it will be memorable, cute and foremost sincere.

Regardless of which option you pick, you’ll do great. The very act of proposing will make your woman ecstatic. Just remember to take her preferences into account, and you’re golden.

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