A short history of luxury furniture

Nowhere in the world will you find extremely wealthy and famous people than in California. The Golden State is home to the world’s wealthiest. These include Silicon Valley millionaires and Hollywood stars, among other celebrities. The homes they live in are lavishly designed and furnished. In this state, you will find the best luxury furniture store California-based has to offer.

If it’s any consolation, you are not alone in this dilemma. The choice between classic and trendy can be quite a challenge. On one hand, there’s the desire to have the chicest and most modern furniture. On the other hand, the allure of minimalist classic furniture from Victorian and Ottoman times could be spell-binding. In short, when it comes to luxury furniture in California, you have lots of choices. But this was not always the case.

Origin of furniture production

As the original inhabitants started settling down, they soon started making furniture. However, their initial efforts resulted in primitive and crude furniture items. Of course, they didn’t have the tools and expertise that we have accrued from the benefit of hindsight.

They did not have the kind of technology we have today, nor did they have the knowledge, tools, and skills modern furniture makers possess. Because most people cared more about the functionality of furniture than its aesthetic appeal, the demand for beautiful luxurious furniture was non-existent. However, as people became wealthy and could afford luxury items, the luxury furniture business started to pick up.

Ancient Egyptian Furniture

Ancient Egypt was one of the most civilized states in the world. The Egyptians were pioneers of many things, including the manufacture of furniture. Since they built permanent homes, they needed decorative and useful items around them.

Egyptian furniture was mostly made of decomposable materials such as reeds and wood. Yet, due to the extremely dry climate in the area, these items have survived through the centuries. Since the Egyptians believed the dead lived after death, they buried them with items they would need in the afterlife, which included furniture.

The wealthy in Ancient Egypt

Egypt had a wealthy, divine ruling class. At the time, furniture was a preserve of this wealthy class. For poor Egyptians, furniture was a luxury they couldn’t afford. They had to be content with eating while seated on the ground. They literally lived their lives on the ground level. Since the furniture was expensive to make, only the rich ruling class could afford it.

One of the reasons furniture was so expensive in Ancient Egypt is because the wood had to be imported. Egypt is a desert country, and furniture requires wood to make. As a result, owning furniture in Egypt became a symbol of wealth, international connections, and power.

Beds and Chairs in Ancient Egypt

Almost everyone today sleeps in bed. Well, in Ancient Egypt, you had to be among the wealthy to have this privilege. The wooden beds were stuffed with reeds like mattresses. They were curved or slanted to keep one from falling off. In terms of style and design, the beds were consistently the same for about 2,000 years.

The beds featured curved images of various deities who were believed to protect households. On the headboard were symbols of the sunrise and the corresponding deities related to the rising of the sun. Most Egyptian beds had characteristics that also featured in pretty much all types of Egyptian furniture. Most had four legs with animal feet curved on them.

For chairs, the Ancient Egyptians had stools, a modest design they managed to adhere to throughout the entire Egyptian history, only varying in style with the passage of time. From 2030 to 1640 BCE, the folding stool was viewed as a symbol of status. While poor Egyptians could only afford a basic stool, the wealthy could fold stools, and the super-wealthy were able to buy chairs that had armrests and backs. The taller the chair, the higher the status of the person who owned it. Pharaoh’s chair was so tall that one could place a footstool in front of it. And that was a big deal!


The history of luxury furniture making can be traced to several civilizations. These include Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Italy, Ancient Rome, and Greece. Today, luxury furniture making has become vibrant as people become more wealthy.

One of the most critical things to do when furnishing a house is picking the right furniture. Just having the cash to buy the furniture you want is just half the story. Choosing appropriate furniture that reflects your style, taste and status is another thing altogether.

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