Ace Your Next Prank Call With These Improv Tips

Prank calls have become staple content for all social media platforms, entertaining making people of all ages. Nothing beats watching people’s reactions as they’re caught off-guard from a witty prank call that’s well-executed.

Unfortunately, so many prank calls today have become overly familiar, lacking imagination and creativity. Pranksters tend to use the same prank scripts repeatedly, right from the get-go. However, like most things, prank calling isn’t straightforward and creating new material is more challenging than it seems. 

To keep things exciting, you need to be creative enough to come up with your own ideas. And one of the best ways to ace your next prank call is to improvise. As you go along the call, you’ll need to say lines to drive the conversation that isn’t necessarily in your script, switching things up now and then. To make sure you stay on your game, here are some improv tips that can help ace your next prank call. 

Lead By Talking More

The first step you need to make a successful prank call is to capture your victim’s attention. And to do this, it’s best to lead the conversation by simply talking more. 

Prank calls are primarily dependent on the premise you set up at the beginning of the call. As you lay down your story, you need to stay in control and set the tempo as the conversation progresses. As much as possible, provide an introduction that they’ll surely be interested in. Although it sounds obvious, please do not give them an opportunity to hang up! 

At the same time, it is necessary not to drive the whole conversation by yourself. Let recipients respond occasionally, so it doesn’t feel one way like a professor lecturing their students. I say ‘occasionally’ because if they do talk over you and become overly assertive, you’ll eventually lose control. However, if you do find yourself in this scenario, prepare a few catchphrases you can quickly retort with. 

If you’re familiar with the Ownagepranks youtube prank calling channel, you’ll know that characters have their own unique catchphrases. Examples include Buk Lau saying ‘someeebooodiee’ or Juan rambling in Spanish, and these are used to disarm recipients from talking over.

You’ll be able to find more catchphrases on the OwnagePranks prank calling app, which can be downloaded for the iPhone and Android.

Keep it Flowing by Recognizing Patterns 

Another essential improv tip is to ensure the conversation continues running. There’s nothing worse than dead silence in the middle of delivering your prank. To help fill awkward moments, bombard them with questions and unnecessary thoughts that will derail their train of thought. Remember, you need to be spontaneous, delivering quick comebacks when they’re needed.

Good Improv relies on recognizing patterns from what your recipient says, building on them to create a new scene along the way. Use your victim’s responses and anecdotes by asking unnecessary questions or prying deeper into their reactions. Letting them repeat the whole scenario always makes for great comedy.

For example, if a hair salon employee says they don’t offer a particular service (like haircuts for dogs), ask for their manager to explain why it isn’t so. You can draw the joke out by accusing them of discriminating dogs; the possibilities are endless. 

The key is to use the target’s information as ammunition for your next scene. 

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the golden tips in all attempted endeavors is to practice until you become a pro. Although practicing Improv may sound counterintuitive, the more you do it, the sharper and more witty your comebacks will be. 

You may make some rookie mistakes on your first, second, or even tenth prank call attempt. To lessen these mistakes, you’ll need to keep practicing. Don’t be caught up in the tempo you’ve set at the beginning of the conversation, as you’ll need to be loose to perform at your best. Remember, the more dynamic and unpredictable the prank call, the better the experience for learning. 

Learn from the Pros

Whether it’s learning how to play the guitar or driving a car, it’s best to learn from the professionals or at least someone qualified to teach. There is a tonne of content online that displays improv at its highest levels. In addition to actors using Improv on set, watching good prank calls with original scripts is even more educational. As mentioned previously, the OwnagePranks youtube channel and app are great tools to analyze Improv. 

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