We know that you have a phone. Everyone has a phone. So, we know how ridiculous it might sound to buy a hand watch. But before you completely dismiss us, we would like to put a case for hand watches. First and foremost, with a hand watch, you will not continuously be distracted with your smartphone at work. Admit it, every time your phone buzzes with that notification, you immediately look at it. Even if you resist, you will soon feel a gnawing itch to just take a quick glance at it.

But if you have a hand watch, you won’t be bothered by your smartphone. You will be kept aware of the time What an enabler to meet the deadline. Isn’t that helpful?

If that didn’t convince you, we have a second reason ready. A hand watch can tell you about the time in a very discreet manner when you are in a meeting or a lecture that you cannot physically escape. We say this because we understand that your phone will be out of bounds. Now isn’t that convenient? And lastly, but not least important, a hand watch will greatly enhance your fashion statement.

Now keeping with all these reasons, we are here to enlist our suggestions on what hand watch might suit you best. Let us delve into some of them –

Ruby Red

Go for this striking red digital hand watch and tell the world that you are someone who stays ahead of time. After all, this hand watch is not just a simple watch. It will tell you how many steps you walked and how your heart is faring when you do something physically stressful. And if that wasn’t enough, this also keeps an eye on your menstrual cycle. And on top of that, you get to enjoy the seductive allure of the bold red. The colour has the potential to draw eyes and attention. So, you will have a good conversation starter.

Shimmering Silver

A common advice that fashionistas usually give out is to incorporate contrast, such as pairing the bold with something lighter or warmer. And it almost instantly becomes attractive. And so, keeping that in mind, we suggest you check out these black dials with white straps hand watch. The striking lack and the metallic silver complement each other. In fact, they enhance each other’s strength, making the watch a beautiful piece to look at. And well, this is from the Batman collection. So, if nothing else, you would be strutting around with the Batman flair.

Eccentric Green

This one happens to be our personal favourite. And that’s because the colour is quirky and weird, all in a good way. After all, weird can be cool. It makes you cut through the noise. Just think about it. If everybody started flaunting the weird, then it would stop being different and become mainstream instead. Where’s the fun in that? It becomes boring. So, if you feel that you have the guts to embrace the eccentricity that sets you apart, then pick this green hand watch.

Benign Purple

This hand watch stands in a stark contrast with the others that appear on this list. And that’s because this purple hand watch from Fastrack offers a relatively subdued and gentler vibe. It makes you look like a kindhearted and friendly soul. If you ask us, this is the right hand watch to wear if you want to appear nonjudgmental and a warm person. The nude-coloured straps are stylish and the dials flourish with beautiful floral designs. Now, doesn’t that make for a pretty accessory?

Get a Snazzy Hand Watch

If you found this list of hand watches appealing, then you would be delighted to know that you can find more such options on websites of trusted brands like Fastrack. With sincere effort in designing and crafting watches that become examples of prime excellence, brands like Fastrack rule the roost. Their watches are not only extremely fashionable, but they are highly efficient when it comes to functionality. Don’t deprive yourself of these masterpieces. Get them now.

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