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Grab your backpack, map and compass, as we’re about to go on the adventure of a lifetime with these live casino games. From deep within the pages of a magical storybook, where you might just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Queen of Hearts, and steal a whiff of her precious tarts – to an action-packed temple, where you’ll hope to unearth the hidden treasures – these games at Paddy Power’s live casino are bound to get your inner-adventurer jumping for joy!

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Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland

This game is based on the popular novel, Alice in Wonderland, and takes you on a trip down the rabbit hole and into the most wonderful, immersive land. Set upon a Wheel of Fortune, you’ll see a number of animated characters come to life beside the live host. The brightly-coloured, fast-paced action is sure to keep you on your toes, but with the host there to answer any questions, you’re sure to stay on the right, magical path.

There are many special features included in this game, as well as a variety of ways to boost up your prize multipliers. These include: Magic Dice, Wonder Spins, and Mystery Symbols – just to name a few! What’s more, for new players, there’s a handy video tutorial at the beginning of the game to help you get to grips with all the features, and make the most of the incredible land you’ll find yourself transported to. Around the wheel are multiplier segments, and these are where you’ll place your bets. The bonus features are also displayed around the wheel, so the outcome of the game is really down to Lady Luck herself. Gameplay starts from just 0.10 coins – so, are you feeling lucky?

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live is just one of the games from the popular Gonzo’s franchise. This live casino version uses a mixture of live streaming, animation and a Random Number Generator (RNG) to fully immerse you in this online adventure. A live dealer and animated Gonzo will be waiting to guide you through gameplay, with the prize wall displayed behind them.

At the start of the game, you’ll have allocated time to place your bets before choosing the stones you wish to uncover, in the hopes of finding the treasure. There are brown, orange, purple, green, blue and red stones to choose from, each with different payouts and different probabilities of making an appearance. The red stones offer the highest payout, with only one available during each game. On the other hand, there are 27 brown stones, so these offer the lowest payout.

The Prize Drop feature will add bonus prizes and multipliers to the stones, and up to ten re-drops can occur during gameplay, leading to a maximum prize drop of an incredible 20,000 coins! Then, at the end of the game, all the stones and their prizes are revealed. If any of them match the bets you placed at the beginning, you’ll bag yourself a win!

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